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Within a bit more than 24 h, the goal was reached! \o/ \o/ \o/
Now it says 157 days till release and isn't that something :D You can still pledge for as long as there are exclusives left, which will also get you access to updates about the album's progress.
Can't waaait!
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Guys, guys, guys, The Headstones are finally making a new album! And they're "cutting out the middleman", which means they need the fans' help to kickstart the project. They first tweeted about it about 5 hours ago and the goal is already 60% met, so I am thinking we'll have done it within a few days max, if not even today. The CA$ 10 pledge gets you the digital download of the album and access to their updates and there are a lot more extras for the more expensive pledges, including the omg-I-wish-I-could-afford-them silver rings and pendants, signed guitars, lyrics, etc (lol even your own house party Headstones gig).
I'm so excited about this album, I've been having a Headstones music phase lately, I was about to brag about finally getting some CDs (preeetty artwork <3!). I'm in a really crappy place mentally right now, this has brightened my day considerably :).
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Am I crossposting? Have a Donna pic so it's not a completely pointless post :P

eta: yay, it works

Hellooo >_

Aug. 1st, 2011 04:35 am
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So um. HI! If anyone still bothers to look my way, which with me being so amazingly active here would be a miracle. HELLO TO ALL THE FISH I friended during this hiatus though! :D Not that much has changed since my last not-really-update, regarding my way too busy for my liking RL state. Hence the lj fail. One thing that's changed though is that I have no more semesters left in the university (omfg yay). Only internships and a whole bunch of leftover exams and then the exams that seem to correspond to the boards in USA (not yay at all *l*). Teh end is almost in sight. What comes after that is probably unemployment, or working something completely unrelated to make ends meet, but hey, at least I won't be in school anymore.

Some of the things I've been fangirling lately:
  • Criminal Minds - I feel like I won't be able to watch anything else until I have finished all the seasons of this and seeing as how I began s4, this is probably true. Psychology! Crimes! Awesome family-like team &hearts;! Reid! Garcia! Morgan! And everyone else! *lol*
  • Inception - Great movie, even greater fandom with a seemingly (please, let it always be like that :P) unending supply of quality fic that more than makes up for the lack of characterisation in the movie itself. Amazing art as well. And of course, from a fan of Canadian actors' point - yay Ellen Page!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - one of the best things to come to my attention because of Inception. Remembered him from 3rd Rock From The Sun and 10 Things I hate About You *l*, but hadn't known what an amazing actor he is (can't really tell just by Inception either). Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout => Nyn completely in love with this guy's acting. I waaaant to see Hesher damn it!
  • Tom Hardy - totally not my physical type (unlike Joe up there *g*), so I didn't really pay him a lot of attention at first, but people in the fandom worship him for reasons besides his looks. Bronson, Freddie from The Take (whom I nominate for scariest villain o.o), Handsome Bob from Rocknrolla - another man who knows how to act.
  • The Eagle - It's the love story of Marcus the depressed Roman soldier and Esca, his fierce grumpy Briton slave (and totally the boss), set to one of my favourite tropes - a journey/quest against some breath taking landscapes xD What's not to love. (And yes, I am aware there's a book that people who read and loved as children may feel was somehow offended by the movie, but I have started it and so far I like the movie dynamics way better. Which is not to say the movie did not have issues.) Some awesome fic too. And Jamie Bell is one intense little dude for whom I'll have an eye out. I love how many good actors I've been discovering lately :P
  • Game Of Thrones - I waited and waited and then forgot about it entirely and then there the tv show was. I had faith that HBO could pull this off and they did. Takes a few eps to get back to the Westeros mood and remember -why the hell- you cared about these characters, but once you do it's great. Even if I don't think half of the cast fits my vision of the characters (Jon?! Sansa?! Jaeme? etc) but oh well. And then after just 10 eps you're made to wait for next season *grumbles*. I have A Dance With  Dragons and it arrived just a bit too late to match my tv-induced hype, plus I have forgotten sooo much from the previous books and need to start hitting the textbooks again. Damn.
  • Squee: The Headstones back together and recording new material? *BOUNCES* And the new site with actual lyrics and streaming of all their songs is a great touch. 
  • Also squee: Garbage are also back together and making new songs, what is this, I am in music heaven.
And it's 4:30 am again and I should run to bed :P. I'd love to go through the f-list but that's for tomorrow and I'd love it if people tell me things I missed although I realize that may be pretty much everything :].
Oh and thanks again for the chocolate userheads :D
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just the quickest post to say OMG THANK YOU, ANONYMOUS POLAR BEAR GIVER!! I've been so very out of it lately with school and RL stuff that not only did I lose track of the times I almost came back to lj, I didn't even realize that it was More Joy Day time again and this was an unexpected surprise that brought me joy when I wasn't happy at all, thank you! *hugs, whoever you are* And I'm rambling cause it's 6 am and I haven't yet gone to bed, so... sleep....be back later....
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Did I mention I got it bad ever since rewatching A Knight's Tale?

Anyway, just in case you needed something that feels mildly inappropriate to be drooling over...


And 3 perfectly drool-legit stills of Dustfinger, just because )
Click twice for hi-res.


Jul. 24th, 2009 03:17 am
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I'm getting such a bad case of cabin fever. I spent three years in Stara Zagora with roommates, but I still got at least a few days a month to myself and this past year has been with me home and my parents working and my sister going to school, but now she's got summer break and I'M GOING CRAZY! She didn't use to stay up this late before at least, but now she never goes to bed before 3am or later and I'm left with half an hour to an hour of alone time at best and at an hour when I'm actually too exhausted to do anything but waste time.
She was supposed to be at a birthday party tonight, so I thought YES! FINALLY and prepared the gin and tonic and Torchwood and she fucking came back around 1 am, about half an hour after my father had gone to bed.
I need to be ALONE damn it, I'm an extreme introvert and I NEED time on my own *pulls hair*. I can't even draw anything with people around. Gah!

I also really need a mouse and am going to find one tomorrow.
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And I haven't been able to stay alone for a while and rewatch some ever since and I'm getting really cranky.

Anyway. )
It was a very good, quite realistic for the most part, movie-type miniseries. I liked it, as a separate creation. But I had been told, that this was going to be season three of Torchwood and I was lied to, because that was more like a film that featured Torchwood's characters. While, at the same time, destroying the possibility of there ever being more of the show that we were there for in the first place. I never expected to hope that there won't be a s4. But I do. And if there is, I won't be watching it. I'm sure someone will watch it and probably that makes it ok in the eyes of RTD and company. But pulling that on your loyal fans doesn't feel quite right to me. Then again, I am one of those people that get really into things once they are hooked on something. My mother for example sees nothing wrong with that. *shrugs* But my brain still can't finish processing the new events as legitimate and it's annoying, really.
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WHAAAAAAT?! I just saw 1 through 4 and 5 is taking forever to download, so no coherent thoughts really, but... )
In any case, that header stays for a while longer.

Er, I also went to visit my ex-roommate in Pleven for a few days and it was great, I returned today, but that's all being pushed to the back of my mind right now.
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I am growing old!! :[ When I was in highschool 6 hours of sleep used to be absolutely enough, and I often got by on 4 or even 3 without problems. Now I swear, I cannot peel myself from the bed if it's been less than 8 hours and I don't have to go to an exam or something like that! I keep trying and then fall asleep again. And even after those 8 hours I still feel so tired and can't properly wake up. Old, I'm telling you and tired and bitter :P.

So in an attempt to stall being awake I took photos of two of my latest drawings, both of which are proof that my inspiration's out of the window. One day I'll buy a scanner. The camera distorts proportions and it really bugs me.

dr House )

A forlorn punk that was at first supposed to be Joe Dick, but then morphed into someone else. Or maybe a young Joe. idk )

So yeah, I've been feeling largely uninspired for months.
And wtf my pensils won't get properly erased anymore...even the ones that did before.
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DS C6D Big Bang just went live slowestbigbang.com!! My sketch for Sage's Calm & The Black-Stained Sky is here (made a typo in the disclamer, yay), as well as the soundtrack that I put together for the first part of the fic(which was only sent to us artists then, because it hadn't been finished yet). Only, she seems to have made a few changes that make the songs out of order as they are, but oh well. Turns out Sage had a soundtrack of her own ready *lol*. Anyway, once I get the chance to read the whole thing, I'll add some songs to mine.
Now I have to stay away from all this for at least a few more days and then only read a bit after that /o\ (exams on 17th and 29th).Wah.

To get my mind off this:
The Icon Expression Meme
here )
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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] entropical87!
I'm nyn there, in case you wanted to friend me. I hesitated about losing the numbers, but it was too tempting when I saw the username wasn't taken :P. I'll probably crosspost everything there, but I'll have to get to that next month when I'll have the time.

ETA: Er, friending there is done by "granting access", I suppose? Let's see :P

ETA2: WTF, imageshack just stopped showing my header...Not that I haven't been meaning to change it for a year, but still, I was defending you in pic hosting conversations, imageshack :/ Hooray for tinypic.
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I decided I needed to check something on the net, while sitting cross-legged on the bed with a textbook to the side and the laptop in front of me and the cat purring with her head rested to the right of the touchpad, demanding to be scratched. So I'm doing my feline owner duty with the right hand and trying to navigate an overheated touchpad with the left instead. The cursor either stops moving or slows down terribly when it gets too hot. It wasn't until the cat's tail started hitting me with annoyance that I realized that I'm double-tapping and moving one finger over her head with increasing force and stroking the touchpad gently *headdesk*.
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Just found the perfect icon for university related posts. I am perversely pleased.
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I'll be very happy the day when I find a way to stop being such a horrible slacker, but unfortunately that day has not yet come. And I'm even delivering a day later than I last said and just the first icon, but that DWTS thing upset me quite a lot more than expected and really killed my inspiration.

[livejournal.com profile] primroseburrows, part of the reason I didn't post this earlier was I kept getting crappy results and that's not exactly a granny Connoy icon, but I'll follow up with one these days. Ok, within a week or two, to be safe :]. Anyway, here is an Anna icon and please excuse the incredible delay.


[livejournal.com profile] monroe_nell yours is coming tomorrow!
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Noooooo!!! :'(
Not fair, damn it!

It's 5am and I'm going to bed pissed off and with a headache. Gah.

He did so well though, it feels a bit weird to be proud of somebody you've known about for less than two months, but I am.
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I was going to resurface these days anyway and I swear I'll be here with the Antisocial Sloth FailMore Joy Day icons no later than wednesday. Thank God I signed up for ds c6d big bang with the deadlines to nudge me to open lj /o\.

But I arrived at the right moment to hear about this idiocy, so first off- Amazon rank.
And Glitch, my ASS indeed. (ETA: Ha, it finally worked! The result's now in the first place. ETA2: Nah, slipped to second again...)
Seriously, weren't we in the 21st century last time I checked?! And to think I was so happy to finally be able to order Corambis (ironically enough, although Sarah Monette's books, incliding ACTW somehow passed unnoticed by the "glitch") by myself from them.


Feb. 13th, 2009 04:22 pm
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The exams are finally over. I passed both of them, I'm pretty happy about one and not at all about the other. But anyway it's over until the summer, when I have two more, only one of which could possibly pose a problem, but at least it's an interesting enough textbook.
And I can now start my next university year even as it is. Oh joy.

Anyway, I'm a bit exhausted now, because of course my real studying was done in the last two or so weeks and especially the second one :P, so I've had less than 8 hours of sleep in the last three days and the two exams in two consequent days. But after I've had some rest I'll really start with the icons and the lj header explanation.
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Um, hi, I'm a few days behind on lj and what's worse, a few days behind on studying and I'm going to Stara Zagora tomorrow for an exam on the 29th. So, yeah, I just wanted to say sorry for the delay of more joy day icons! I hope I'll have time to get around actually making them when I come back, or after the next exam in the worst case.
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[livejournal.com profile] c_regalis complained of lack of good Buffyverse fic. Now, it's been years since I last read actively in this fandom, but I remember differently. So I hit my old bookmarks folder and tried to remember what made me love the fic back then. I am a bit shocked at how much I've forgotten, but here are some stories and authors that ring a bell for me, still. *gulps* I don't have time to read these to check if I'm not embarassing myself by reccing them. Now, bear in mind I was 16-17 when I read some of these :P But I still believe there were good stories.

In no particular order, or genre, only by pairing: )

...I should think that'd be enough for a start *G*. I got nostalgic here. And it all just started to come back to me, so if you, by any chance don't find anything you like here, I'm sure I can find something else! *is a pimp* Also, there must have been Spike only stories, when I think of any, I'll tell you *eg*

(God, the sheer quantity of fics I read in that fandom is scary *l*)

And remember, judge not, I don't quite remember what I'm talking about here ;))

ETA: Also, also! The Spuffy Awards (and wow, they still exist, yay) are a good place to use for finding good fics, cause, duh, award winners and nominees and nicely split into categories at that.


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