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Weird dreams seem to plague my family lately *l*. That's what happen when your mind is in a thousand places at once :P. I caught a glimpse of All The Pretty Horses on tv yesterday, just so you know that my brain didn't suddenly come up with the rodeo thoughts on its own. *cough* Except in my dream, I was going to be breaking in what at first looked like a trotting horse, but then morphed into a huge goat. That I was gonna jump on, anyway, except suddenly one of the Anatomy TA's appeared and took it, because it was like one of those dried body parts that are used for studying. Then we went in to dissect it(which is actually done in the Pathoanatomy, and with a fresh corpse, but that'd be logic :P)...in my high school's gym. The goat was hollow and dry, but there was blood everywhere, and I remember very vividly how I was annoyed that I only had one pair of gloves and would have to dirty my hands. And it turned out there were some kind of tape worms inside. Also dried. We went for lunch at a place that is most definitely not next to my school. And during the whole thing, at the same time, at the same place, I was having a really warm and fuzzy dream about Brian and Justin being awfully cute together!! (The mechanics of that evade me.) And I was Justin(!), but just for short periods of time. (Seriously. I am very often male in my dreams. But Justin Taylor?! WTF?!). While I that was me was cutting the dead goat in the semi-parallel reality. At least I got to kiss Brian while I was Justin. That was nice. Very.
*facepalm* And it all kinda makes sense, when I put it together like that *lol* You can spare me the realistic part when I'm asleep at least, stupid subconsciousness!

That was actually going to be a post with my thoughts about Torchwood's finale and everything, but then I suddenly remembered a goat in danger of being mounted.
Anyway- let me at least complain that Owen can't have been 27! First off- Burn Gorman doesn't look 27 at all(and isn't). Second- he's a doctor for fuck's sake. Their own calculations don't add up. He must have been 23 when Jack recruited him, and and an established professional. Unless the British system is very different...that's rubbish :]. It just bugs me when people don't think when creating canon.


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