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ETA: *lol* For those that are wondering wtf is that,it's lj's new auto-post thingy I'm putting it behind a cut,cause it's almost novel-length ;P
The mangled English rambling about airports's not mine!*l* It was a repost from the Apo site.Also-this thing managed to mention almost all of my male fannish interests *scratches head*
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Jun. 19th, 2006 03:26 pm
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I got the second volume of The Tawny Man!!My friend just brought it to me!Which means that I finally have the whole set!And it's pretty-second hand,but in very good condition:D They are even by the same publisher,so they're almost matching(the first two are paperback and Fool's Fate is hardcover)!:))


Now I just have to pass my exams to have time to read them :P But I'm still very happy cause I've wanted these ever since they were written :]

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Hey there!Yup,I haven't disappeared,um,at least not intentionally or permanenly :P It's just that I had first practical exams at the end of the term and then,shortly after there was the theoretical exams session and most of the time I wasn't home,so no computer and ...blah.I may have got used to not having one all the time,but I still hate it with the same fiery passion.
Anyway,I'll try to catch up at least with the most recent posts while I'm home...um that's until sunday morning :[,I hope I manage.
Hey,at least I took the exams :),the chemistry from the second time but it's all done now.And I'm very very tired and the second term is starting on moday.Yay.
I had things I wanted to write here while I was away and I tried to remember them for later but I'm not sure I did...*lol*Seriously I'm going crazy with all of the last-minute studying,I had this dream,while I was preparing for zoology and it was so very weird,what I remember is there was a lot of snow and ice,a nuclear bomb,some criminals,a mention of Veronica Mars,disfunctioning cell phones,a rickety car that I was trying to escape with,that kept occasionally turning into slippers(!),a pack of stray dogs,with a small,but very vicious pig in the lead that attacked me and tackled me after my car had once again transformed and some moral dillema along with the whole thing that I'm not sure what it was.Yes,this comes from zoology,ecology(which was the previous exam),my phone playing tricks on me and,I suppose it had something to do with my newly discovered interest in CSI and WaT *g*.My brain was fried.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy a good criminal show *l*.But staying for two weeks wth only a black-and- white tv and 3 channel with those two shows the only thing worth watching reminded me.Oh and that's the CSI with the blue-eyed black guy with the name that makes me think of Yorick *l*,not the one with the off-putting almost albino guy.:P I'm not sure which city is which but I don't like the other one.
Oh,but we finally bought a bigger tv for home and now I'm taking the old one in Stara Zagora,along with a dvd player :D!And since I finally found (can you believe it?*g*) a fellow Due South fan,we can now watch it all!:)) And I plan to give her a few new obsessions,too,heheh.And I have a new one,btw--how addictive is Prison Break?I never expected to be taken with such a show,but it's great!And their break(the show's) is ridiculously long,they better give us some good stuff on 20.03!:]

I now have the first and the third books from The Tawny Man!!!:D I asked a friend that studies in Richmond to order the whole thing(second hand) and bring the books with her when she comes home for the winter break,but the second book was slower and now I'll have to wait until May to get it,too.*l*Which is just like my luck,because I have already read the first one(e-book),but still!I've been trying to fugure out a way to get these for years,literally!Maybe I'll order Liveship Traders the same way next year,if I have money.I probably will-these three costet me only $16 which would be about how much I'd have paid for them had they been published here,if not less.I hope it doesn't sound as if I'm only using my friend to avoid shipping costs *lol*.I would have preferred for her to have stayed here instead of going to the other end of the world so that I can only see her on hollydays,but if she's there with a credit card anyway...;))

I was very sorry that I missed the men's short program the other day(I'm talking figure scating and the olympic games...*points at journal header :]*)but I saw the free program yesterday and I have to say I was quite dissappointed.That's the olympic games!Everyone should be at their best,right.So why weren't they?:( There wasn't one perfect scate!Not even Plushenko gave his greatest performance that I've seen.In fact,I believe it wasn't even his second best.And that's something coming from me,cause I don't like him.Ok,I admit he's got very good these last years,but he'll never be as good as Yagudin -and- he could have tried harder yesterday.*l*There's no place for comparisson between his program and The Iron Mask *sighs*Yeah,ok I miss Yagudin a lot :P,but that doesn't make it not true.I hope Albena and Maxim don't get too undergraded tonight,although that's what usually happens,so it wouldn't be a surprise.And that new judging system is so confusing btw,I can't get it at all and have to rely on the commentator :[.Hmm,I just realized that I don't know if anyone on my flist is interested at all in figure scating,so ignore this if you're not.

Ok,that's it for now,I'll go look at my Friends page now *s*


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