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Did I mention I got it bad ever since rewatching A Knight's Tale?

Anyway, just in case you needed something that feels mildly inappropriate to be drooling over...


And 3 perfectly drool-legit stills of Dustfinger, just because )
Click twice for hi-res.
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As usually, I'm a bit late, but I got into Flashpoint and I saw Never Kissed A Girl today and loved it. It just begged for a picspam. I started capping and remembered why I do this so rarely-once I start, I can't stop :P. So, here is Ed Lane. A lot.
NOT dial-up friendly, about 90 images behind the cut )

Oh and the other day Flashpoint+the s1 Torchwood declassified that I'd downloaded but forgot to watch really did the cheering up trick. Especially 1x12. And Naoko Mori is such a fangirl :D
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I have too much pics. Uploading them is exhausting *l*. So I'll be cutting it into two posts.
Huge picspam ahead. )

And as for my Rai-Kirah question: )
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Happy Canada Day and Happy Slash Day!(ETAOk,it's techincally 2nd already,but I started typing this on the 1st ;P)
I have no time for anything but the stupid breeds :((.But while I was looking up some of them,I think I found the reason you can turn as bunny-phobic as Anya.She must have seen these! )

Mood: Slashy *g*
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*points at icon* Gah!
I'm so sick of cows.
I have no time to really update or comment here :P but I was going through some photos the other day and that gave me an idea-entertain me a bit,people!;]
Show me a picture/pictures of your favourite place/places in your country.Here are some of mine,although I should scan more when I have time,because I realized all the good pics aren't digital :P
behind the cut )

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I'm not a sap.I swear.Ask anyone that knows me.Well,you can't really,but if you could,they'd look at you funy*l*.Although I think I might have shared the suspicion that fanfiction has me slowly but surely half there :P,by my standarts at least.Anyway,I'll picspam you with the Veronica/Logan from last ep,because I had such a "yay" moment *g*.Finally -something-.Plus,it's funny ;))

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here,behind the cut )
*is happy**l*That's the spirit guys,keep going!
Heh,I love TWOP.Basically: Everybody on the entire show is now single, including Molly Fitzpatrick, because getting molested by your entire trashy family every day doesn't count. I hadn't thought of that :))

It's very weird when RL and online life collide unexpectedly !!*l*

Oh,I went to see Walk The Line yesterday.I liked it.And after I compared the two versions of Jackson,I think Reese Witherspoon(sp?) may have a better voice than the actual June Carter had.A very thick shadow indeed *g*.
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I found some caps from CKR's Supernatural ep earlier today and since I'm off tomorrow,I thought I'd share today.Of course,I wasn't around for some time,so this might have already been done.If it's not so- some caps,not from me this time )

Now I'm off to sleep,I'm not really in the mood for this.

Asylum caps

Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:25 pm
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I was going to only make a few :[.I barely made myself to cut it down to these.And in the end I realize I missed the not-empty-trousered part?!Gah,sorry,I'm always emotionally exhausted after more than two hours spent capping and uploading :P If someone else wants to-fill out the missing scenes :].

Anyway,that's to ilustrate [livejournal.com profile] secret_garden's post in [livejournal.com profile] ds_recs :).

sorry,there are -a lot- of caps,I couldn't help mysef :] )

ETA:and yeah,that ep has already been capped by stormy,but my brain made a weird logical conclusion that has to do with quality of files.But nevermind.I had a lot of fun doing this :P and now I absolutely have to watch Asylum again soon :)).(hee so that post is really Spam *lol*)

ETA again*g*:I forgot to mention how much I love this ep!
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20 caps from the Lucid clip.Cause he's all evil smirks and threats again ;).

I could have tweaked to sharpen or something,but I'm lazy :P Oh and(hee I always wanted to say this ;) ),dial-up user-beware*g*  )
Yeah,maybe I got a bit carried away :P
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] scriggle for showing us the clips!:)

ETA Argh,I wanted to put numbers,but they won't behave properly :P.Just pretend that's an artistic decision ;]
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Ok,I knew I'd seen Hugh Laurie somewhere the first time I saw him in House,but I couldn't remember where.Actually I do have that problem often-I memorize faces very well,so when I see somebody for more than a few minutes,I'll most likely remember their face for a long time.But I won't necessarily know why I know them.Same thing with melodies.Anyway I checked imdb.

No wonder I didin't recognize him :D )

ETA whoops,sorry,I forgot about the cut :0)

And do you have any idea how many ways they are to write your billing address?And how all of them but one are wrong?:]
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[livejournal.com profile] c_regalis wanted to know about collarbones(they go with shoulders and necks,but mostly collarbones ;P).So I started going through my pics folder for good pics where there's collarbones *g* and I came up with a few,so I thought I'd make a separate post,instead of dumping it all in her lj thread ;).

photos behind the cut )
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Hey,here are some screencaps from Memento :).Nothing even nearly as good as the previous post *g*,but,hey,it's still CKR!;)

Read more... )

ETA: This post wasn't supposed to be here,only on [livejournal.com profile] ckr_daily ,but...oh well.


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