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I'm pretty new to the whole actually using amazon, instead of just drooling over things in it :P. So, does anyone know if I can preorder a book and order another book, but have them shipped together when the first book comes out? I.e., pay just one "per order" fee.
Also, last time, when I ordered the The Mirador hardcover, I was a bit miffed when a few days later its price was reduced approximately by half. Does anyone know if there's a fixed period, after which a new book's price goes down, or is it different for different books?
In short, I will be ordering Corambis, there's no doubt about that. I'd like to preorder it for two reasons- I'm impatient, of course. And with all the huge financial crisis promisses(yay), I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to spend the money next year(when I almost shouldn't now). Plus the dollar is still pretty low, but could go way back up by then. *scratches head*
And books here? Are becomming outrageously expensive. To the point where some of them would actually be cheaper in English from the bookstores here, or sometimes even with the amazon fees.

Er, Neil Gaiman fans? I have Good Omens, American Gods and have read Neverwhere and can borrow Fragile Things. I loved GO the best and then Neverwhere (am reading AG now). What should I order now? My guess is Anansi Boys..?
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ordered The Mirador from amazon.New,too.Hardcover,cause I can't wait until July for the paperback.

*bangs head in desk repeatedly* I feel like am a junkie.Stupid amazon and its stupid refusal to ship used books to my stupid country.I had hoped that if the payment was made from a US bank(my friend ordered with her USA credit card),they would accept it,but no.And by the time I had searched a thousand sites and we had tried a few times,I just couldn't give up and went for it.
And it won't be here before the middle of January,when I'll already be in Stara Zagora,taking exams :/.Gah,I demand more Mildmay.And even Felix.Not quite sure about Mehitabel,but I have trust in Monette's writing.


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