Jul. 12th, 2009

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And I haven't been able to stay alone for a while and rewatch some ever since and I'm getting really cranky.

Anyway. )
It was a very good, quite realistic for the most part, movie-type miniseries. I liked it, as a separate creation. But I had been told, that this was going to be season three of Torchwood and I was lied to, because that was more like a film that featured Torchwood's characters. While, at the same time, destroying the possibility of there ever being more of the show that we were there for in the first place. I never expected to hope that there won't be a s4. But I do. And if there is, I won't be watching it. I'm sure someone will watch it and probably that makes it ok in the eyes of RTD and company. But pulling that on your loyal fans doesn't feel quite right to me. Then again, I am one of those people that get really into things once they are hooked on something. My mother for example sees nothing wrong with that. *shrugs* But my brain still can't finish processing the new events as legitimate and it's annoying, really.


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