Jun. 14th, 2009

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Just found the perfect icon for university related posts. I am perversely pleased.
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I decided I needed to check something on the net, while sitting cross-legged on the bed with a textbook to the side and the laptop in front of me and the cat purring with her head rested to the right of the touchpad, demanding to be scratched. So I'm doing my feline owner duty with the right hand and trying to navigate an overheated touchpad with the left instead. The cursor either stops moving or slows down terribly when it gets too hot. It wasn't until the cat's tail started hitting me with annoyance that I realized that I'm double-tapping and moving one finger over her head with increasing force and stroking the touchpad gently *headdesk*.
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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] entropical87!
I'm nyn there, in case you wanted to friend me. I hesitated about losing the numbers, but it was too tempting when I saw the username wasn't taken :P. I'll probably crosspost everything there, but I'll have to get to that next month when I'll have the time.

ETA: Er, friending there is done by "granting access", I suppose? Let's see :P

ETA2: WTF, imageshack just stopped showing my header...Not that I haven't been meaning to change it for a year, but still, I was defending you in pic hosting conversations, imageshack :/ Hooray for tinypic.
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DS C6D Big Bang just went live slowestbigbang.com!! My sketch for Sage's Calm & The Black-Stained Sky is here (made a typo in the disclamer, yay), as well as the soundtrack that I put together for the first part of the fic(which was only sent to us artists then, because it hadn't been finished yet). Only, she seems to have made a few changes that make the songs out of order as they are, but oh well. Turns out Sage had a soundtrack of her own ready *lol*. Anyway, once I get the chance to read the whole thing, I'll add some songs to mine.
Now I have to stay away from all this for at least a few more days and then only read a bit after that /o\ (exams on 17th and 29th).Wah.

To get my mind off this:
The Icon Expression Meme
here )


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