Aug. 25th, 2006

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I kinda dropped off the face of lj for a while again,didn't I :P. I was convinced that if the weather was too hot for me to go out,then my computer should supply entertainment.It rebelled by freezing up increasingly often.I said 'nope,you will work' and persisted.It made a pathetic little sound and died *cries*.Luckily,not permanently,but the AC adapter thingy was burned and I had to buy a new one and I didn't have the money right away,so that took some time.And then the CPU fan broke and then I had the flu(twice in one summer,that's a record.But a different flu,yay.We can't have me get bored.),in short-I'm on a roll again ;].I'm sort of hoping it's over now though ;P.
So,did I miss anything important?*l*
nyn: Ray is running (nasty by earth_vexer)
I completely forgot about VOX,right after I signed in.Gah.I have 2 invites,if there are still people that need them *l*.The stupid thing has automatically put me in the USA(or I did it by clicking wrong when I was registering :P) and now I can't see how to edit that.Hmph.Ah.Fixed :].

Erm...could I ask all of you that have Vox accounts and are not already on my flist-like thing there,to comment with your vox names so I can add you?=)I'm Nyn (yay,no numbers) there btw *l*.


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