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[livejournal.com profile] c_regalis complained of lack of good Buffyverse fic. Now, it's been years since I last read actively in this fandom, but I remember differently. So I hit my old bookmarks folder and tried to remember what made me love the fic back then. I am a bit shocked at how much I've forgotten, but here are some stories and authors that ring a bell for me, still. *gulps* I don't have time to read these to check if I'm not embarassing myself by reccing them. Now, bear in mind I was 16-17 when I read some of these :P But I still believe there were good stories.


Journeys by Mary is one of the few that stayed in my head with its title and author. Not a light read, but I liked it a lot when I read it.

Spike lips! Lips of Spike! by Mr Monkey Bottoms is another. I think it was very funny.

Kantayra was one of the most well-known authors in the Spuffy realm. I loved Blue Horizons and Ballancing The Scales(both AUs, but she didn't write only AU) off the top of my head, but anything by her is worth checking out.

Nautibitz and PaganBaby were amongst the queens of pure smutt.

Euridice is another name that springs to mind. Charms Of The Clarion, The Hunt, Black Satin Voices...I think I must have read all of the older ones.

Echidna and especially the Twining Vines, A Touch Of Jealousy...

I remember these as good authors. Herself, Kalima and Fayjay especially.

Devil Piglet's name...yeah you got it, it's in my head :P

Jypzrose's Speedway almost got me into car racing. She was big on AUs, too. I remember I liked Ashes Of Dreams(not AU) too...

Isabelle's 100 Years Of Solitude was a fandom classic.

Chelle was a well known name, too. Walking After Midnight, Wet And Wild....

Affinity by Ginmar was the first long fic I ever read. Whoa, time flies.

ETA2: Cousinjean was run out of the fandom after some epic wank, but her writing was very good and The Butterfly Effect is something of a classic. Also Getaway. Her fics are now kinda scattered.

I was(and still am) endlessly fascinated by the Fanged Four(Angelus, William, Dru and Darla) dynamics. It's not everyone's thing, but if it is yours ;P :

Peasant is THE FF writer. Sweet William is one of my favourite fics ever.

Coquette was a bit like Peasant. Never finished her second story, unfortunately.


Wiseacress is Coquette, later on. Her stories were pretty dark but I loved them. Especially Modus Vivendi. She has Spike/Angelus, too, and again -dark-, very NC17, but good, imo.

It's Just A Jump To The Left" by Kimberly was one of the last fics I read in the fandom and the only one that's in my lj memories *s*. It's really good, too. Starts off confusing and not really Spander, but has you convinced by the end.

...I should think that'd be enough for a start *G*. I got nostalgic here. And it all just started to come back to me, so if you, by any chance don't find anything you like here, I'm sure I can find something else! *is a pimp* Also, there must have been Spike only stories, when I think of any, I'll tell you *eg*

(God, the sheer quantity of fics I read in that fandom is scary *l*)

And remember, judge not, I don't quite remember what I'm talking about here ;))

ETA: Also, also! The Spuffy Awards (and wow, they still exist, yay) are a good place to use for finding good fics, cause, duh, award winners and nominees and nicely split into categories at that.
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