Jan. 19th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] c_regalis complained of lack of good Buffyverse fic. Now, it's been years since I last read actively in this fandom, but I remember differently. So I hit my old bookmarks folder and tried to remember what made me love the fic back then. I am a bit shocked at how much I've forgotten, but here are some stories and authors that ring a bell for me, still. *gulps* I don't have time to read these to check if I'm not embarassing myself by reccing them. Now, bear in mind I was 16-17 when I read some of these :P But I still believe there were good stories.

In no particular order, or genre, only by pairing: )

...I should think that'd be enough for a start *G*. I got nostalgic here. And it all just started to come back to me, so if you, by any chance don't find anything you like here, I'm sure I can find something else! *is a pimp* Also, there must have been Spike only stories, when I think of any, I'll tell you *eg*

(God, the sheer quantity of fics I read in that fandom is scary *l*)

And remember, judge not, I don't quite remember what I'm talking about here ;))

ETA: Also, also! The Spuffy Awards (and wow, they still exist, yay) are a good place to use for finding good fics, cause, duh, award winners and nominees and nicely split into categories at that.


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