Jul. 24th, 2009 03:17 am
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I'm getting such a bad case of cabin fever. I spent three years in Stara Zagora with roommates, but I still got at least a few days a month to myself and this past year has been with me home and my parents working and my sister going to school, but now she's got summer break and I'M GOING CRAZY! She didn't use to stay up this late before at least, but now she never goes to bed before 3am or later and I'm left with half an hour to an hour of alone time at best and at an hour when I'm actually too exhausted to do anything but waste time.
She was supposed to be at a birthday party tonight, so I thought YES! FINALLY and prepared the gin and tonic and Torchwood and she fucking came back around 1 am, about half an hour after my father had gone to bed.
I need to be ALONE damn it, I'm an extreme introvert and I NEED time on my own *pulls hair*. I can't even draw anything with people around. Gah!

I also really need a mouse and am going to find one tomorrow.
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I decided I needed to check something on the net, while sitting cross-legged on the bed with a textbook to the side and the laptop in front of me and the cat purring with her head rested to the right of the touchpad, demanding to be scratched. So I'm doing my feline owner duty with the right hand and trying to navigate an overheated touchpad with the left instead. The cursor either stops moving or slows down terribly when it gets too hot. It wasn't until the cat's tail started hitting me with annoyance that I realized that I'm double-tapping and moving one finger over her head with increasing force and stroking the touchpad gently *headdesk*.
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Noooooo!!! :'(
Not fair, damn it!

It's 5am and I'm going to bed pissed off and with a headache. Gah.

He did so well though, it feels a bit weird to be proud of somebody you've known about for less than two months, but I am.
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I was going to resurface these days anyway and I swear I'll be here with the Antisocial Sloth FailMore Joy Day icons no later than wednesday. Thank God I signed up for ds c6d big bang with the deadlines to nudge me to open lj /o\.

But I arrived at the right moment to hear about this idiocy, so first off- Amazon rank.
And Glitch, my ASS indeed. (ETA: Ha, it finally worked! The result's now in the first place. ETA2: Nah, slipped to second again...)
Seriously, weren't we in the 21st century last time I checked?! And to think I was so happy to finally be able to order Corambis (ironically enough, although Sarah Monette's books, incliding ACTW somehow passed unnoticed by the "glitch") by myself from them.


Oct. 9th, 2008 06:24 pm
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Apparently customers, who sometimes search for books with gay characters(and not by the keyword either) need to be massaging their prostates. Yes.
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Weird dreams seem to plague my family lately *l*. That's what happen when your mind is in a thousand places at once :P. I caught a glimpse of All The Pretty Horses on tv yesterday, just so you know that my brain didn't suddenly come up with the rodeo thoughts on its own. *cough* Except in my dream, I was going to be breaking in what at first looked like a trotting horse, but then morphed into a huge goat. That I was gonna jump on, anyway, except suddenly one of the Anatomy TA's appeared and took it, because it was like one of those dried body parts that are used for studying. Then we went in to dissect it(which is actually done in the Pathoanatomy, and with a fresh corpse, but that'd be logic :P) my high school's gym. The goat was hollow and dry, but there was blood everywhere, and I remember very vividly how I was annoyed that I only had one pair of gloves and would have to dirty my hands. And it turned out there were some kind of tape worms inside. Also dried. We went for lunch at a place that is most definitely not next to my school. And during the whole thing, at the same time, at the same place, I was having a really warm and fuzzy dream about Brian and Justin being awfully cute together!! (The mechanics of that evade me.) And I was Justin(!), but just for short periods of time. (Seriously. I am very often male in my dreams. But Justin Taylor?! WTF?!). While I that was me was cutting the dead goat in the semi-parallel reality. At least I got to kiss Brian while I was Justin. That was nice. Very.
*facepalm* And it all kinda makes sense, when I put it together like that *lol* You can spare me the realistic part when I'm asleep at least, stupid subconsciousness!

That was actually going to be a post with my thoughts about Torchwood's finale and everything, but then I suddenly remembered a goat in danger of being mounted.
Anyway- let me at least complain that Owen can't have been 27! First off- Burn Gorman doesn't look 27 at all(and isn't). Second- he's a doctor for fuck's sake. Their own calculations don't add up. He must have been 23 when Jack recruited him, and and an established professional. Unless the British system is very different...that's rubbish :]. It just bugs me when people don't think when creating canon.
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So, I'm finishing dinner, eating a piece of the cake my grandmother sent us and watching Torchwood with my sister(she's tapping into all of my addictions she can get her hands on lately, it's very annoying) and(presumably) my mother.
Me: Which one of you is encouraging her to keep on making this kind of cake?! It's like it's not finished, like something's missing... It's like--
My mother who'd been, unnoticed by us nodding off for the last fifteen minutes wakes up suddenly: A truncated cone?
Me and my sister: O.o....! *desperately trying not to fall off our chairs with laughter, breaking the tv's remote control in the process :/*
My mother: *blinking confusedly* ...and the Christmas tree?

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Gaah I can't wait for friday morning to come!Then I' going home for the weekend.I want my computer!:(( And I want to not have to be in a hurry and not know what to do first when I go online!And I certainly hate wondering how to answer questions about what I am doing whenever someone chooses to look over my shoulder!I haven't been able to read any fics or go through my flist's posts properly since I arrived here.
I'm very grumpy right now,yes.Maybe because to top it all,there is no train I can catch tomorrow after classes and I have to waste half my free friday travelling.And I had to go through half the city to find where I can buy a ticket for the day after tomorrow,because they DON'T SELL tickets at the RAILROAD STATION!Or,they do,but only for the next day.And did I mention it's raining meanwhile?
And if I miss a tutorial,I have to attend it with another group.Which,ok,sucks by itself,but it's also impossible because of how they've made the schedule!I can't go to another group's tutorial to make up for a missed one,without missing another one of mine.So to hell with anyone who falls ill.And I have to go to Varna now for my birthday,then get back for three days (thursday and friday aren't working days this week)and then go again for my father's birthday this time,all that before I can use my discount.Stupid birthdays.


Sep. 1st, 2005 12:55 am
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that is just...*L*I don't know what to say.

Weevil: If you're looking for my trophy,it's back by autoshop.
Veronica: A lube job?Or can you medall in stealing hubcaps?
Weevil: Is this 1970?Rims,baby!
Veronica: So,you got a trophy for a rim job?
Weevil: Forget it.Look,I've got some information for you.
Veronica: Finally!A Deep Throat to call my own!

I haven't been this stunned by something said on a tv show for a long time*G*

First-would some one tell me what a rim job is?That is,beside the meaning that I already know.Which is of course the one I need for fanfics ;0)Oh,I know what the verb rim means but here's something concerning cars?

And second-don't these people take into consideration that you could be watching this together with innocent bystanders?And said ignorants may give you a WTF?!WhyIsSheGiggling-This-Hard look that only makes things worse?!
And,really,way to go with the innuendo in a show that I'm sure a lot of kids watch :))).*shakes head*
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Ok,I knew I'd seen Hugh Laurie somewhere the first time I saw him in House,but I couldn't remember where.Actually I do have that problem often-I memorize faces very well,so when I see somebody for more than a few minutes,I'll most likely remember their face for a long time.But I won't necessarily know why I know them.Same thing with melodies.Anyway I checked imdb.

No wonder I didin't recognize him :D )

ETA whoops,sorry,I forgot about the cut :0)

And do you have any idea how many ways they are to write your billing address?And how all of them but one are wrong?:]
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I thought that that thing where someone's fishing and catches a shoe only happens in comic books and animations*g*But I was going for a walk on the pier and there was this guy,who caught a sandal(and threw it back) *l*.I had the imagery of Goofy in my mind :))

The water was great today on the Albena beach though *g* no shoes whatsoever and very warm and crystal clear.:)


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