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I was going to make a bigger More Joy Day post, maybe with a bit of an unexpected picspam, and do some commenting, but I won't be able to, today, cause it's 4 am and I should sleep(if I can) /o\.

So here's what I'm offering :P :

1. I can make you an icon/icons by your request, most of my fandoms are in my interests, except Merlin. If you want another fandom, you'll have to provide me with pics and/or quotes.

2. Or a wallpaper or an lj header, but that'll probably take longer, cause i have exams soon.

3. Like last year - I can draw you a sketch (preferably portrait) of a fictional character/actor/etc. If I don't know who they are I'll need a pic again. And that'll most surely happen after my exams, i.e. around the middle of February at best.

I'm probably forgetting something, idk.

...Oh, oh, have a wallpaper Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I'm not sure about it at all, but that's what Virology does to you. And I thought at least I'd have something in the post.

SOrry, getting more and more incoherent here, night and yay joy spreading!

Oh and I sent a poor soul over at ddg_and_sundry the Maya fic pdf, because they'd lost theirs in a comp crash. Although I wasn't thinking about the Day when I did that *g*
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[livejournal.com profile] aingeal8c I got your card yesterday, thank you! :)) I love the penguins, now if only the snow would follow ;P

I have a quick and simple Hugh Dillon wallpaper, from one of the lovely pics [livejournal.com profile] euphoricagony posted on [livejournal.com profile] hughdillon yesterday. I just really wanted that photo on my desktop *g*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


eta2: links fixed! eta3: Ok, how stupid am I?! Should be not pink now...

(I used a texture from www.rainharbour.net)
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Why is it that I get the most icon,wallpaper,banner,etc. ideas when I'm under studying pressure and don't have time to act on them?:PNow that I have time,I have difficulties fulfilling what I had in mind,so I decided to just try and make a wallpaper that wouldn't be too flashy and wouldn't outshine desktop icons*l*.Of course it didn't turn out how I wanted it and I'm not satidfied with it,but I spent a few hours on it,so I'll share anyway :P
Callum smoking behind the cut ;) )
I don't know if I should post it on the DS noticeboard as well...

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