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Jul. 30th, 2006 01:39 am
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I've downloaded a few great music videos lately and I just have to pimp some of them.

These 3 are so amazingly put together that I empathically reccomend you watch them if you have the slightest idea about the show.Even if you don't,you won't be sorry to see them!

Tears And Rain by Charmax (Veronica Mars)-That must be one of the most perfect character study videos ever.Season one Logan.
Video Title:Tears And Rain
Song Title/Artist:Tears And Rain - James Blunt
Show/Character: Veronica Mars - Logan
Summary:This is a Logan character study. Logan is much more vulnerable than he at first appears. This video aims to get behind that brash, arrogant facade. There is very little of Logan/Veronica as this vid focuses much more on his inner demons.
Length/Format: 3.38, (RM, DIVX)

It's Like by dinadrama(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)- If that's not the best Spuffy video out there,it's one of them!It's like I can't breath when I watch it!Seriously hot,but I fully registered that after the first few watchings,because it also creates a sinister feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.The songs fits perfectly and the editing is marvelous.I adore Spike and I'm usually more on his side when it comes to season 6 messiness,but this video makes you gulp.I don't care if you've seen Buffy,download this!;)
Title: It's like...
Song: Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
Characters: Buffy & Spike
Warning: Rated R
Buffy tries to overcome the dangerous addiction she has for Spike.

Feeling Good by Astarte(Veronica Mars)-Much more of a comparison than a shipper vid.Great editing and effects,too.
Title: Muse - Feeling Good
Subject: Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, Character Analysis
Opened: 2005-03-10
Summary: 'Stars when you shine, you know how I feel.' If life hands Logan lemons, he asks for tequila and Veronica could be good company in his misery. These two are kindred souls. The only space between them is time and tough masks are transparent, if your adversary knows how you feel. Veronica knows the pain Logan is going through too well to not care.
21.00 MB RMVB

I actually have more in mind to rec,but I consider these the cherry on the top of the ice cream from what I've seen for a long time and so I'm starting with them.

Heheh and to end on a more cheerful note *g* -if you know about the Buffybot and want to laugh and spill things(Sadly,I think I really may have killed my keyboard with coffee here :/...will have to wait till it's dry to see.Good think I have a few old ones.) go see Living Doll by Andrea!It's not of the rank of those above but still really funny *l*.

ETA WTF I'm getting notifications form days ago!*grumles*

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There will be a new season of Veronica Mars!!!It's official!HOORAY!
I was going to miss it terribly had they cancelled it :]But they didn't.Yay!Now I hope the ratings are good,so they will be 22 and not only 13 eps.
Hm and I still haven't seen the last two or three eps from this season,which will be amended when I finally get home around june 2nd :P

[ profile] rape_the_death - Zamislih se malko po-kysno i ne moga da si spomnqm da sym gledala Westside Story predi,oba4e nqkoi melodii i pesni sa mi ujasno poznati(maj na anglijski oba4e).A kraq napravo imam 4uvstvoto 4e sym go vijdala s tazi pesen....Moje pyk da sym gledala ne6to po televiziqta i da sym zabravila absoljutno.Stranno.A i zabravih da razgledam snimkite ot fotoaparata ti .:p

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ETA Oh,yeah ,the next season thing goes for House and Prison Break I think,but I knew that from a bit earlier ;0P
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Happy Easter to everyone orthodox !Е,в моя флист,това най-вероятно са само [ profile] rape_the_death i [ profile] nev_smile :).

Whoa.Just watched the latest VM ep.Really liked it.But that's not the point.I just realized that it's #19!.Which means that there are only 3 eps to come!!Three!And as far as I know-there's no official info whether there'll be a 3rd season!I love this show!It can't just end...

ETA Uuugh,all the Easter eating...!:p

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I'm not a sap.I swear.Ask anyone that knows me.Well,you can't really,but if you could,they'd look at you funy*l*.Although I think I might have shared the suspicion that fanfiction has me slowly but surely half there :P,by my standarts at least.Anyway,I'll picspam you with the Veronica/Logan from last ep,because I had such a "yay" moment *g*.Finally -something-.Plus,it's funny ;))

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here,behind the cut )
*is happy**l*That's the spirit guys,keep going!
Heh,I love TWOP.Basically: Everybody on the entire show is now single, including Molly Fitzpatrick, because getting molested by your entire trashy family every day doesn't count. I hadn't thought of that :))

It's very weird when RL and online life collide unexpectedly !!*l*

Oh,I went to see Walk The Line yesterday.I liked it.And after I compared the two versions of Jackson,I think Reese Witherspoon(sp?) may have a better voice than the actual June Carter had.A very thick shadow indeed *g*.
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WTF,Logan?!Well,ok,it seemes that it worked,but you really don't need to work on the rich selfish asshole image anymore.And it really didn't start as an evil naive-girls-using scheme,did it?Dude,if you've decided to move on....Well,I'd say "noooo!:(",but if you were really ready to move on,an uglier,younger,skinier,as much as that's possible and stupidier replica of Veronica is hardly the way.

Veronica:"If true love comes for me,I'll be by the coffee machine"(or something like that)*turns to go*
Logan*enters*:"I know you're busy,but I think I've done something horrible."
After that line about how you never knew when true love'd find you in the end and with Teddy Dun in the credits again,I was terrified for a second,thinking that it was going to be Duncan that would appear.Phew.

Ok,I'm off to Stara Zagora now,see you guys*waves*
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So Veronica Mars,season one is over.Damn I love that show.Can't wait for the 28th to come,I think that's when s2 should start.cut for spoilers for 1x22 Leave It To Beaver )
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I just watched Veronica Mars 1x18 Kanes And Abel's ETAhuh I copied and pasted the wrong title :/.That was Weapons Of Class Destruction of course..And I had to keep a straight face,cause I watched it with my little sister.But now I just have to *Squeee*! :D I didn't think I was serious aboutcut for a spoiler or two )


Sep. 1st, 2005 12:55 am
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that is just...*L*I don't know what to say.

Weevil: If you're looking for my trophy,it's back by autoshop.
Veronica: A lube job?Or can you medall in stealing hubcaps?
Weevil: Is this 1970?Rims,baby!
Veronica: So,you got a trophy for a rim job?
Weevil: Forget it.Look,I've got some information for you.
Veronica: Finally!A Deep Throat to call my own!

I haven't been this stunned by something said on a tv show for a long time*G*

First-would some one tell me what a rim job is?That is,beside the meaning that I already know.Which is of course the one I need for fanfics ;0)Oh,I know what the verb rim means but here's something concerning cars?

And second-don't these people take into consideration that you could be watching this together with innocent bystanders?And said ignorants may give you a WTF?!WhyIsSheGiggling-This-Hard look that only makes things worse?!
And,really,way to go with the innuendo in a show that I'm sure a lot of kids watch :))).*shakes head*


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