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So I go away and my flists starts posting.*l*
My new schedule is awful.I have classes from 7.00 every day but one!That means I need to be up at 5.50 every fucking morning and I'm so -not- a morning person.I just hope we manage to squeeze the 2 classes our groups have in friday into another day,cause otherwise,I'll be going home for like half a day and taking the train back.
Figure scating ramble in the next paragraph.
Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski didn't make it to the medalls yesterday.Damn.I wanted them to make it so much.They most probably won't have another chance for olympic success,unless they do like the italian couple and go back to competing especially for the next games,but we saw how good that went.You shouldn't have missed her leg at the original dance,Maxim :[.*l*Although it was truly astonishing how much worse mistakes the following couples made.They fell and they fell WTF was the ice more slippery or what?:] It was the pressure,more likely and it was a problem not only for the Bulgarian couple,as was seen.Poor French guys(I am so awful with names).... I started to get that new judging system just a bit and enough to not be happy with Albena and Maxim's the second mark yesterday.Blah,that's what I don't like in this sport-there is absolutely no way to ensure fairness in judging.Oh,well,5th is not bad.They weren't perfect technically(which happens rarely to them),but try to compare their artistry to Navka and Costumarov's (unsuccessful) effort for the passion in Carmen.
And how the hell did I completely miss the sports couples?!Idiot.

I'm trying to find some kind of job that would agree with my insane schedule.Keep your fingers crossed for me,please,because I need more money badly :P.
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Hey there!Yup,I haven't disappeared,um,at least not intentionally or permanenly :P It's just that I had first practical exams at the end of the term and then,shortly after there was the theoretical exams session and most of the time I wasn't home,so no computer and ...blah.I may have got used to not having one all the time,but I still hate it with the same fiery passion.
Anyway,I'll try to catch up at least with the most recent posts while I'm home...um that's until sunday morning :[,I hope I manage.
Hey,at least I took the exams :),the chemistry from the second time but it's all done now.And I'm very very tired and the second term is starting on moday.Yay.
I had things I wanted to write here while I was away and I tried to remember them for later but I'm not sure I did...*lol*Seriously I'm going crazy with all of the last-minute studying,I had this dream,while I was preparing for zoology and it was so very weird,what I remember is there was a lot of snow and ice,a nuclear bomb,some criminals,a mention of Veronica Mars,disfunctioning cell phones,a rickety car that I was trying to escape with,that kept occasionally turning into slippers(!),a pack of stray dogs,with a small,but very vicious pig in the lead that attacked me and tackled me after my car had once again transformed and some moral dillema along with the whole thing that I'm not sure what it was.Yes,this comes from zoology,ecology(which was the previous exam),my phone playing tricks on me and,I suppose it had something to do with my newly discovered interest in CSI and WaT *g*.My brain was fried.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy a good criminal show *l*.But staying for two weeks wth only a black-and- white tv and 3 channel with those two shows the only thing worth watching reminded me.Oh and that's the CSI with the blue-eyed black guy with the name that makes me think of Yorick *l*,not the one with the off-putting almost albino guy.:P I'm not sure which city is which but I don't like the other one.
Oh,but we finally bought a bigger tv for home and now I'm taking the old one in Stara Zagora,along with a dvd player :D!And since I finally found (can you believe it?*g*) a fellow Due South fan,we can now watch it all!:)) And I plan to give her a few new obsessions,too,heheh.And I have a new one,btw--how addictive is Prison Break?I never expected to be taken with such a show,but it's great!And their break(the show's) is ridiculously long,they better give us some good stuff on 20.03!:]

I now have the first and the third books from The Tawny Man!!!:D I asked a friend that studies in Richmond to order the whole thing(second hand) and bring the books with her when she comes home for the winter break,but the second book was slower and now I'll have to wait until May to get it,too.*l*Which is just like my luck,because I have already read the first one(e-book),but still!I've been trying to fugure out a way to get these for years,literally!Maybe I'll order Liveship Traders the same way next year,if I have money.I probably will-these three costet me only $16 which would be about how much I'd have paid for them had they been published here,if not less.I hope it doesn't sound as if I'm only using my friend to avoid shipping costs *lol*.I would have preferred for her to have stayed here instead of going to the other end of the world so that I can only see her on hollydays,but if she's there with a credit card anyway...;))

I was very sorry that I missed the men's short program the other day(I'm talking figure scating and the olympic games...*points at journal header :]*)but I saw the free program yesterday and I have to say I was quite dissappointed.That's the olympic games!Everyone should be at their best,right.So why weren't they?:( There wasn't one perfect scate!Not even Plushenko gave his greatest performance that I've seen.In fact,I believe it wasn't even his second best.And that's something coming from me,cause I don't like him.Ok,I admit he's got very good these last years,but he'll never be as good as Yagudin -and- he could have tried harder yesterday.*l*There's no place for comparisson between his program and The Iron Mask *sighs*Yeah,ok I miss Yagudin a lot :P,but that doesn't make it not true.I hope Albena and Maxim don't get too undergraded tonight,although that's what usually happens,so it wouldn't be a surprise.And that new judging system is so confusing btw,I can't get it at all and have to rely on the commentator :[.Hmm,I just realized that I don't know if anyone on my flist is interested at all in figure scating,so ignore this if you're not.

Ok,that's it for now,I'll go look at my Friends page now *s*
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But I have very little free time :P.I'm so sorry I can't comment on the entries in my flist properly :((!And even when I come back home for the weekend I have so many things to do that I don't know where to start and in the end I get almost nothing done :P.
Ooh,I finished Due South Season 1 last time I was home:)!And eeek,Victoria's Secret.I knew generally what happened there,but it's something else to see it.So that's why Fraser beats tail every time a woman looks at him.It wasn't exactly like that before Victoria,was it?:[
Oh and the kinologic exhibition was pretty interesting,even if it was a madhouse :P.I think I'll have a few pictures to show,if I don't forget to ask for them :)).There were some great dogs*s*.
Oh and Battleastar Galactica's season ended with that ep(erm...I forgot it's name),didn't it?Bastards.
I haven't slpet properly for I don't know how long :P.There's this idiot downstairs that makes a party every fucking night!And by night I mean until 6-7 am!I swear,I've been in this dorm for a month now and he has barely missed a night.If he does,someone else steps in.Someone finally called the police the other day.Twice.Once it was apparently my roommate :],who was in the apartment opposite of ours and the guy obviously guessed and he comes knocking at my door,at 1 am,half naked(wearing only shorts I mean) to ask for her.I think I told him she wasn't there quite coldly.Moron.And did he stop-yeah sure.Only it's a bit more quiet,for now.
Ok,I have to go now and find me something to eat ;P.
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Hello people :)).So I'm here.Not very surprisingly,I was in such a hurry to pack everything and burn disks,etc right before I left that I didn't have time to update here.
The dorm's a lot better than I expected,especially given that I'd slept for a night in a room in the same building and it was disgusting.But the room I'm in now is bigger,it has wallpapers that are pretty new,it has a big enough wardrobe and a slighly tilted and mostly whole*g* bookshelf.Oh and a table and two chairs.Well,two beds,too,duh ;].The lack of a balkony isn't good,but the other room in the apartment has one,so I hope I'll get on well with the girl that lives there :)).I haven't made any acquaintances yet(yesterday there was no time) and until this morning,I didn't have a roommate.I probably have one now,I'll see when I get back.
The only really bad thing for now is that the car broke(-again- :P) and it's sunday and it seems that local people take sundays very seriously,so there was no one to repair it!I hope my parents manage to find a mechanic somewhere and get back to Varna safely,cause something's leaking and they could be left with no brakes and the citroen gets too low without the...I don't know how's this in English...the hidraulic liquid? and it's botton hits any bumps in the road...There'd better be a working mechanic somewhere :[.


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