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Aug. 1st, 2011 04:35 am
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So um. HI! If anyone still bothers to look my way, which with me being so amazingly active here would be a miracle. HELLO TO ALL THE FISH I friended during this hiatus though! :D Not that much has changed since my last not-really-update, regarding my way too busy for my liking RL state. Hence the lj fail. One thing that's changed though is that I have no more semesters left in the university (omfg yay). Only internships and a whole bunch of leftover exams and then the exams that seem to correspond to the boards in USA (not yay at all *l*). Teh end is almost in sight. What comes after that is probably unemployment, or working something completely unrelated to make ends meet, but hey, at least I won't be in school anymore.

Some of the things I've been fangirling lately:
  • Criminal Minds - I feel like I won't be able to watch anything else until I have finished all the seasons of this and seeing as how I began s4, this is probably true. Psychology! Crimes! Awesome family-like team ♥! Reid! Garcia! Morgan! And everyone else! *lol*
  • Inception - Great movie, even greater fandom with a seemingly (please, let it always be like that :P) unending supply of quality fic that more than makes up for the lack of characterisation in the movie itself. Amazing art as well. And of course, from a fan of Canadian actors' point - yay Ellen Page!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - one of the best things to come to my attention because of Inception. Remembered him from 3rd Rock From The Sun and 10 Things I hate About You *l*, but hadn't known what an amazing actor he is (can't really tell just by Inception either). Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout => Nyn completely in love with this guy's acting. I waaaant to see Hesher damn it!
  • Tom Hardy - totally not my physical type (unlike Joe up there *g*), so I didn't really pay him a lot of attention at first, but people in the fandom worship him for reasons besides his looks. Bronson, Freddie from The Take (whom I nominate for scariest villain o.o), Handsome Bob from Rocknrolla - another man who knows how to act.
  • The Eagle - It's the love story of Marcus the depressed Roman soldier and Esca, his fierce grumpy Briton slave (and totally the boss), set to one of my favourite tropes - a journey/quest against some breath taking landscapes xD What's not to love. (And yes, I am aware there's a book that people who read and loved as children may feel was somehow offended by the movie, but I have started it and so far I like the movie dynamics way better. Which is not to say the movie did not have issues.) Some awesome fic too. And Jamie Bell is one intense little dude for whom I'll have an eye out. I love how many good actors I've been discovering lately :P
  • Game Of Thrones - I waited and waited and then forgot about it entirely and then there the tv show was. I had faith that HBO could pull this off and they did. Takes a few eps to get back to the Westeros mood and remember -why the hell- you cared about these characters, but once you do it's great. Even if I don't think half of the cast fits my vision of the characters (Jon?! Sansa?! Jaeme? etc) but oh well. And then after just 10 eps you're made to wait for next season *grumbles*. I have A Dance With  Dragons and it arrived just a bit too late to match my tv-induced hype, plus I have forgotten sooo much from the previous books and need to start hitting the textbooks again. Damn.
  • Squee: The Headstones back together and recording new material? *BOUNCES* And the new site with actual lyrics and streaming of all their songs is a great touch. 
  • Also squee: Garbage are also back together and making new songs, what is this, I am in music heaven.
And it's 4:30 am again and I should run to bed :P. I'd love to go through the f-list but that's for tomorrow and I'd love it if people tell me things I missed although I realize that may be pretty much everything :].
Oh and thanks again for the chocolate userheads :D


Jul. 24th, 2009 03:17 am
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I'm getting such a bad case of cabin fever. I spent three years in Stara Zagora with roommates, but I still got at least a few days a month to myself and this past year has been with me home and my parents working and my sister going to school, but now she's got summer break and I'M GOING CRAZY! She didn't use to stay up this late before at least, but now she never goes to bed before 3am or later and I'm left with half an hour to an hour of alone time at best and at an hour when I'm actually too exhausted to do anything but waste time.
She was supposed to be at a birthday party tonight, so I thought YES! FINALLY and prepared the gin and tonic and Torchwood and she fucking came back around 1 am, about half an hour after my father had gone to bed.
I need to be ALONE damn it, I'm an extreme introvert and I NEED time on my own *pulls hair*. I can't even draw anything with people around. Gah!

I also really need a mouse and am going to find one tomorrow.


Feb. 13th, 2009 04:22 pm
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The exams are finally over. I passed both of them, I'm pretty happy about one and not at all about the other. But anyway it's over until the summer, when I have two more, only one of which could possibly pose a problem, but at least it's an interesting enough textbook.
And I can now start my next university year even as it is. Oh joy.

Anyway, I'm a bit exhausted now, because of course my real studying was done in the last two or so weeks and especially the second one :P, so I've had less than 8 hours of sleep in the last three days and the two exams in two consequent days. But after I've had some rest I'll really start with the icons and the lj header explanation.
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What do you know, once you get past the classification-related horror Virology is actually interesting. But going slower that anticipated.
I'm gonna be my usual half-lurking self for the weeks to come because of all that.

Snagged an icon meme from [livejournal.com profile] love_jackianto again(in hopes that I'll nudge myself into iconmaking again at some point). I used only icons made by me, I couldn't possibly choose otherwise:
most of my icons behind the cut )
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Ok, so I managed both to back up my lj over at insanejournal, and get a ljarchive copy on my hard drive, using instructions from this post. *eyes lj* That is not an invitation for you to go down, lj.

Also, we, and by we and mean Bulgaria, are on the verge of a serious(-er) crisis, thanks to the quarrel between Russia and Ukraine(in which we have -absolutely- no part). We rely on Russia for all of our gas supply and we were completely cut off, when they stopped the gas flow for Ukraine. We don't have enough natural gas reserves to live on, and what back up reserves we have will last us till the end of the month, if rations are cut down. At least Varna doesn't have central heating, and we don't have gas at my home, so we're not immediately hit by the consequences. But if things stay as they are, we're in for an economical crashdown. There's already talk of power restrictions and schools and hospitals left without heat. Fan-fucking-tastic.
(And I just bet the EU's going to come up with a reason for us not to be able to restart the recently stopped nuclear reactors of Kozloduy.)
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I can't sleep again /o\. Or at least during the night. I fall asleep around 4:30-5 am, wake up around 2 pm, full of regret that I'm not still asleep, but with the nagging guilt that I have work to do and I'm wasting half the day. Then I have a headache for the rest of it. I used to be fine with 6 hours of sleep while I was still in high school, then the last year or two I realized the 6 had become 8 and ok, getting older after all *snort*. But these days I've had troubles rising from bed after 12 hours wtf. Tried a sleeping pill for like, the second time ever and all it did was make me sleep even deeper, but my issue's that I can't fall asleep, not what comes after that.

eta2: Whatever, I was angry, will be again, don't really need a reminder here.

On a brighter note, I think I've fixed my dsss art as much as I will (betas, who knew they were such a helpful thing *l*) and I resubmitted it. I know so many of the people that participate in dsss also go for yuletide and God knows how many other things more and go to school/work/etc OMG how do they do that?! Is there a guide Organization Skills In Ten Easy Steps For Dummies somewhere?! :P *shakes head* As DA said - "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."


Dec. 8th, 2008 06:05 pm
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I've absolutely lost track of time. I swear I have no idea when or how the last, say two or three weeks passed *headdesk*. It's a black hole, I'm starting to suspect :/.

Anyway, first off- a meme-type thingy I should have done, oh, just a month ago.
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

love-jackianto gave me these: )

I've (slightly panicky) started working on my dss assigment. I'll do it in time though. And then I'll finally change the layout that was going to stay just for a few days. I'm also (slightly more panicky, because it's not quite working) trying to really study. So now I'm going, but I'll be making a cooking post later (Yup. I crave new recipies.)
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Hi, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth again. I'm just incredibly meh.
Still no job on the horizon and I'm starting to think I won't get one, at least not before the winter exams. They invited me to an interview for the first time the other day and I went today and do you know what fucked things up? English. They liked me and the woman who was asking the questions seemed nice and had graduated from the same high school as me. But there were applicants with English philology degrees and they couldn't ignore the superior qualification. Which I get, of course, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. I rather think I could have handled it(the job was office assistant). And English philology was always at the top of my lists of things I would actually like to study. Blah.
Maybe I should finally cave in and go take some kind of English level exam, like my mother's been nagging me to do for ages. I just never saw the point, when they're expensive, most of them expire in a few years and I don't need it for anything specific.

I have accidentally started watching Entourage and now can't stop. *scratches head* Ari Gold ftw. And Johnny. Eric Murphy makes me think of Michael Novotny from QAF. Only straight and with some balls and more brain. So he doesn't annoy me like Michael.

The cover art for Corambis (fourth and last book in The Doctrine Of Labyrinths) is now on Amazon. Why, book publisher people, why? And I thought Melusine's cover sent the wrong message. I do like the pretty pictures, in a way. And no one can accuse me of not being kinky ;P. But that's just...no.
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I HAVE A LAPTOP!!! I have a laptop! \o/ Wheee :D
It's nothing fancy, just an Acer with a cpu that's not all that amazing, but I hardly ever play computer games, so it doesn't really matter all that much. But I'll have 250 gigs all on my own! And, most important of all, privacy. And the freedom to change my wallpaper as often and however I want to *g*. The only thing that bugs me is the screen resolution :(. I'm used to and like 1024x768 and almost all of the wallpapers that I have saved are fit for that. The Acer's is 1280x800 and looks bad if I try to change it. Plus the icons look too small. Oh, well, don't look a gift laptop in the lj icons, right :P

ETA: I failed to read and vote(only one fic) in ds_match again :[. It ended right when I though I'd start. I'll catch up on the reading at least. GO TEAM WHIMSY!


Sep. 4th, 2008 03:11 am
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I'm going to Stara Zagora tomorrow. I'm gonna be staying with a friend and she has internet, so I'll probably be able to peek in here a few times, but just in case I can't and I won't have much time anyway- wish me luck on September 8th, 9th and 11th, please :]. Not that there's a possible outcome that can be called "good", but not dropping out is probably the less stressful(...for my family, at least...) option :P.
I was supposed to have done quite a lot more packing, not to mention studying this evening, but I'm so sleepy I think I'll just goto bed now.
Be back in a week, at the most.
ETA Am here already. And of course, it's twice as hot as it was in Varna :/
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So, I'm finishing dinner, eating a piece of the cake my grandmother sent us and watching Torchwood with my sister(she's tapping into all of my addictions she can get her hands on lately, it's very annoying) and(presumably) my mother.
Me: Which one of you is encouraging her to keep on making this kind of cake?! It's like it's not finished, like something's missing... It's like--
My mother who'd been, unnoticed by us nodding off for the last fifteen minutes wakes up suddenly: A truncated cone?
Me and my sister: O.o....! *desperately trying not to fall off our chairs with laughter, breaking the tv's remote control in the process :/*
My mother: *blinking confusedly* ...and the Christmas tree?

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Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE my university?! Fucking IDIOTS. We can't, at this point tell you if that exam is going to be crucial. Oh, you're a third year. Well, too bad. They haven't decided yet and they don't know when they will. The fucking exams begin on 8th September, for god's sake!
*breaths in* I found icons though.

And I think I'm finally not sick anymore. Which is good. But the flu took me away time that I didn't have. No second chances now. ...Watch me not care an awful lot. An year off wouldn't kill me, quite the opposite, i suspect. I'm just afraid that I'd be too tempted not to go back and it's a bit late for that, isn't it.

I have comments for people's posts in mind that I haven't got around to making, but I will.

A minute ago me and my sister were wondering if something was howling outside, before realizing that was the jazz club in the basement *g*.

And either John Barrowman gets better at the reading aloud thing as the Another Life audio book progresses, or I'm just getting more and more brainwashed, cause yesterday I fell asleep listening to it and I thought it was quite good. Which, I didn't at the beginning. o.O (And, the people on my flist that aren't stormy are probably wondering how much longer I'm gonna be babbling about John Barrowman and Torchwood. Well, I'm off to Stara Zagora in about 10 days, so probably at least until then ;P. Seriously. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to youtube and look for some Jack/Ianto.)

I... had a fifth thing in mind. Where'd it go?
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I'm down with the flu. It's NOT fun. Not to mention how another whole lost day can very well prove to be fatal for studying.

And I can't stop watching Torchwood. Captain Jack Harkness, it's all your fault. And I had to go and click on a youtube link that lead me to John Barrowman in Dancing On Ice. Figure skating! Me swoon! And then Nevermind The Buzzcocks and Friday Night, which had me neighing with laughter. (But the E.T. thing? Did you have to go and kill what little was left of the child in me, John?!) At the moment I'm watching him sing songs from musicals on youtube. I don't like musicals, you know. *headdesks* Although I've been revising that statement for a while, because there -are- musicals that I like a lot. Still.
The Making Of Me was really interesting, too. Aside form him being awfully cute, I hadn't heard about some of the things they showed.

Ok, I'm gonna go try not to puke,but read a textbook now. Hard to do at the best of times.
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I was going back home, after going for a walk with my roommate and stoically resisting the buying of yet more books for an hour. And I almost tripped over my own feet what I saw this!! ) (and why yes, they are a bunch of dorks) as a poster on the street. My first reaction was 'Whu?!'. Cause I'm pretty sure Apo don't have another concert here this year. Then I saw the Romanian inscription from which I got Vama Veche and 14th August o.O *facepalm* Cue me, semi-hyperventialting whining very quetly, possibly drooling, right there, in the middle of the street. (I may have neglected to mention I started /or am trying to/ studying for exams in September?) And that was before I got home and looked up where Vama Veche is. IT'S ABOUT 110 KM FROM HERE *cries* And the ticket is only 16 euros! (Ok, it's not exactly -only- for me, but it -can- be arranged!) It's a festival(Stufstock), so it's not gonna be half as good as going to a gig that's just them. Which I did, not 3 months ago, I know. And it's not worth it, when I'm short of both time and money. And my mother would kill me. Oh, who am I kidding, it probably would be worth it.
They're gonna be playing a hundred km from meeee *pines* Damn it, any other time...
I think I'm gonna spam you with pics from the Kavarna concert in May. Just to remind myself that I'm being greedy. I hadn't realized how addictive this live concert thing really is, you know. And I don't care.
Well, not wanting to read a textbook may also be involved, at a subconscious level :P

P.S. I'm so going to rip that poster off the wall, come night.
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I'm back! Unfortunately *l*. Would have rather stayed in the Phodopes. We had a (mostly) good time, saw a lot of beautiful places, saw almost as much of them being destroyed by fucking greedy MORONS, had two flat tires in one day, a horse almost walked into the room while we were having dinner, didn't see the cave, cause we were directed in the opposite way and it was to late to go back. Good times.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

Placebo are replacing Steve Hewitt with Steve Forrest. How weird. He looks too boy-bandy for my taste, but they say he's good at what he does, so I'm mostly happy they're recording again.

ETA: I've been meaning to ask- I seem to recall someone on my flist reviewing The Rai-Kirah Trilogy by Carol Berg? At least I think it was here, it was a long time ago and I only remembered the story outline when I read the first book a few months ago. Has anyone read it? I have a spoilery question about something that irked me greatly and I'm not sure I want to continue reading the second book if it's going to last long.
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I'm off to the mountains for a few days, yay! We're leaving in an hour or so at the ridiculous hour of 6.30. Or so I thought. Turned out I had this horrifying dream of the not really impossible variety that leaves you panting and fully awake and still almost as terrified. So I got up at 5 instead of half an hour later.
I demand a great time after such a lousy start, thank you very much.
Have a good week, everyone :]
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There's snow.Quite a lot of it and not even just for Varna.I went out the night it was snowing and I was just gonna have a look around the block,but it was so great that I had to go over to the Sea Garden(the park) and it was so amazing-all dark and quiet and there was no one else and there weren't any steps in the snow(before I started running around like an unleashed dog).I tried to make some pics,but the wind was strong and the snow hadn't stopped,so I couldn't use the flash and they didn't turn out great,but I'll post some later today.

Only there wasn't internet for a day and a half and after that it kept coming and going.I think it's finally find now though.

I will try to comment on the flist's entries when I can,but I will probably be prety quiet again for a month or so,because my exams are coming rapidly and my studying for them is being way slower than planned.
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I've been stalling(the term began this monday) and trying to think and really getting nowhere,but in the land of migraines.I almost decided to give veterinary medicine up about a thousand times,each thime followed by almost deciding to try not to.I think from the beginning I kinda expected to decide on dropping out.I'm pretty sure I would have done so quite suiftly,had I wanted something else enough.But I don't know and I'm so sick of that.The two things that I wouldn't hesitate to try(I think) offer too feeble chances of finding a good(or any) job after graduation.Them being criminalistics(twice now I've had to virtually beat myself over the head with the fact that it's pointless,given the mess with my country's laws and police system ) and philology(English or another).Visual arts are also tempting and have the same problem.And I've thought(should have kept track of the "want" and where'd it go there,huh) I'd be a vet for so long that it's difficult to even really contemplate the range of other possibilities.It occured to me,a few days ago,that I'm very sure I love animals.I'm not sure if I love medicine though.
Anyway,doing nothing and torturing myself and my family hasn't done me any good.I've decided that I'll give it a last go.If I haven't started to feel real interest by the end of this semester-I'm done with it.If I do decide that I want to continue,but by the end of the winter exam session I haven't managed to catch up with at least two of the exams that I got piled up and at least three of the regular exams,scheduled for then-I'm dropping out for a year to pass them,cause they'll just keep piling.
I have no idea if I'll be able to pull this off in the state of exhaustion that I'm in(and I swear I'm not being dramatic),or if I won't just fuck up my chances of getting prepared for any hypothetical admissions in the summer,but I thought I'd push to the end one last time and hope the results won't match the statistics from before.
Speaking of statistics,the results I got so far from my poll are 3 people that didn't go to university,1 happy studying,1 that didn't like what she was studying,persisted and regrets it and 1 that liked it,but doesn't work it or doesn't like it now.Huh.
I'm travelling for Stara Zagora tomorrow afternoon and I've no idea if my roommate's computer's already there or if the internet's on(why yes,I've been avoiding contact with people that are likely to ask me about decisions),so I may possibly be offline for a while.If that's the case-see you guys sooner than later,I hope.

Mood: Nervous
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Oh,great.I have free time-for the first time in almost two months-till Saturday and the only friend I have from Varna,that's not in either Sofia,the States or Germany won't have time for me before Friday,cause now her university schedulle's crazy.Blah.I'm going to entertain myself by taking my Ipod-like thingy to the service :P.I don't know what I'll do if they can't fix it quickly,especially if I can't take it to SZ >:/.
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I kinda dropped off the face of lj for a while again,didn't I :P. I was convinced that if the weather was too hot for me to go out,then my computer should supply entertainment.It rebelled by freezing up increasingly often.I said 'nope,you will work' and persisted.It made a pathetic little sound and died *cries*.Luckily,not permanently,but the AC adapter thingy was burned and I had to buy a new one and I didn't have the money right away,so that took some time.And then the CPU fan broke and then I had the flu(twice in one summer,that's a record.But a different flu,yay.We can't have me get bored.),in short-I'm on a roll again ;].I'm sort of hoping it's over now though ;P.
So,did I miss anything important?*l*


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