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I need to renew my icons and my layout. Now if only I could stop being so lazy and stop thinking and start doing...

Anyway, I found myself trying to find as much ds-related pic spams as possible because I can't decide on what to draw and what exactly I want the layout to originate from :] And it wasn't all that easy, really. It may be silly, but I'd like to have all the pretty pictures easily accessible, so I was wondering, wouldn't it be useful(to someone else than me, I mean) if I tried to make a list of links to all the ds6d pic spams/screencaps sites I can find, sorted by movie/show, actors, etc.? Or is it just my sleep-deprived brain that feels the need to organize something :P? (Or does such a thing exist already and I just can't remember?) I seem to be lacking any creative inspiration these days, so that way at least I'd be doing something.

We are going to go to a short vacation in the Rhodopes in a few days \o/. And we're going to see Perperikon, which we haven't before. And there's a cave. Called. I kid you not.The Vulva. (Ah, those naughty ancient Thracians and their naughty cults) I'm going to insist that we ...enter the Vulva and go look in the Womb. *headdesks,giggling* And that's not even the best part. This is dedication to porn, people. The best part is that the cave's entrance was shaped like a giant falos. So that, at a certain time of the year, when the sun's at the right place, a sunny cock creeps across the floor of the cave until it reaches... yeah, you've guessed it by now. Now tell me that's not genious! Fertility cults win \f/! *lmao* I'll be sure to take pictures. And I'm positive that there are going to be more surprises there. (Jokes aside, that place is so awesome. As close as you can come to touching history.)


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