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I'm back,I hope...As for exams-I passed the anatomy,and two other exams and didn't go to two more,cause of lack of time.I also very much realized that one shouldn't ignore long coming psychotic breakdowns,as they happen for a reason and The Summer From Hell should have tipped me off that I should not have gone near that stupid university ever again...but it did not and I'm stuck.During the finals I had half a mind not to go back after that,but it's a bit too risky to have just a few moths for studying for admission exams.Gah.
Anyway-first off-the Vin and Ezra sketch for [livejournal.com profile] monroe_nell :
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I couldn't find a good cap with both of them,so I got the brilliant idea to use two separate pics and I couldn't find any of good quality,either >:(.The decision to start drawing this one came to me at 5 a.m. and thus should have been ignored,before it was too late *l*...but it wasn't and I'm sorry that it's not very good :P (Also hats are evil.)
I'll try to get it scanned tomorrow,but just in case I can't find a working copy center,I'm putting up a pic made with my phone.

Second-[livejournal.com profile] ackonrad-I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner,but me being busy aside-there just doesn't seem to be too much good new Bulgarian music :/
ETA:Току-що една приятелка каза,че ще ми пише по-късно по въпроса,така че ще постна моя списък заедно с нейния.
ETA2:Nell,I'll be posting that card next week(no one should ever believe any deadlines I declare :/)
And Pat-next week,too.This time for real.
ETA3:Много съм отвеяна,ей...Честита Баба Марта!:D


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