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Aug. 1st, 2011 04:35 am
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So um. HI! If anyone still bothers to look my way, which with me being so amazingly active here would be a miracle. HELLO TO ALL THE FISH I friended during this hiatus though! :D Not that much has changed since my last not-really-update, regarding my way too busy for my liking RL state. Hence the lj fail. One thing that's changed though is that I have no more semesters left in the university (omfg yay). Only internships and a whole bunch of leftover exams and then the exams that seem to correspond to the boards in USA (not yay at all *l*). Teh end is almost in sight. What comes after that is probably unemployment, or working something completely unrelated to make ends meet, but hey, at least I won't be in school anymore.

Some of the things I've been fangirling lately:
  • Criminal Minds - I feel like I won't be able to watch anything else until I have finished all the seasons of this and seeing as how I began s4, this is probably true. Psychology! Crimes! Awesome family-like team ♥! Reid! Garcia! Morgan! And everyone else! *lol*
  • Inception - Great movie, even greater fandom with a seemingly (please, let it always be like that :P) unending supply of quality fic that more than makes up for the lack of characterisation in the movie itself. Amazing art as well. And of course, from a fan of Canadian actors' point - yay Ellen Page!
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - one of the best things to come to my attention because of Inception. Remembered him from 3rd Rock From The Sun and 10 Things I hate About You *l*, but hadn't known what an amazing actor he is (can't really tell just by Inception either). Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout => Nyn completely in love with this guy's acting. I waaaant to see Hesher damn it!
  • Tom Hardy - totally not my physical type (unlike Joe up there *g*), so I didn't really pay him a lot of attention at first, but people in the fandom worship him for reasons besides his looks. Bronson, Freddie from The Take (whom I nominate for scariest villain o.o), Handsome Bob from Rocknrolla - another man who knows how to act.
  • The Eagle - It's the love story of Marcus the depressed Roman soldier and Esca, his fierce grumpy Briton slave (and totally the boss), set to one of my favourite tropes - a journey/quest against some breath taking landscapes xD What's not to love. (And yes, I am aware there's a book that people who read and loved as children may feel was somehow offended by the movie, but I have started it and so far I like the movie dynamics way better. Which is not to say the movie did not have issues.) Some awesome fic too. And Jamie Bell is one intense little dude for whom I'll have an eye out. I love how many good actors I've been discovering lately :P
  • Game Of Thrones - I waited and waited and then forgot about it entirely and then there the tv show was. I had faith that HBO could pull this off and they did. Takes a few eps to get back to the Westeros mood and remember -why the hell- you cared about these characters, but once you do it's great. Even if I don't think half of the cast fits my vision of the characters (Jon?! Sansa?! Jaeme? etc) but oh well. And then after just 10 eps you're made to wait for next season *grumbles*. I have A Dance With  Dragons and it arrived just a bit too late to match my tv-induced hype, plus I have forgotten sooo much from the previous books and need to start hitting the textbooks again. Damn.
  • Squee: The Headstones back together and recording new material? *BOUNCES* And the new site with actual lyrics and streaming of all their songs is a great touch. 
  • Also squee: Garbage are also back together and making new songs, what is this, I am in music heaven.
And it's 4:30 am again and I should run to bed :P. I'd love to go through the f-list but that's for tomorrow and I'd love it if people tell me things I missed although I realize that may be pretty much everything :].
Oh and thanks again for the chocolate userheads :D


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