Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:13 am
nyn: Ray is running (Jerry Bines by karabou)
I was going to be reading and sleeping and stuff, but instead I watched For Those Who Hunt The Wounded Down for the second time. And I first saw it some three or four years ago, so I'd forgot a lot of the details, but i think seeing it now, already knowing the plot and being able to pay closer attention to everything(the acting!)- it all hit me harder. EVERY SINGLE THING HE DID WAS TRYING TO SAVE HIS BOY, DAMN IT *cry*(Ok, no, but it was all about helping someone. Someone not him.). And it was all so PRESET and his mind was preset and must it be so easy to picture this in reality?! Like, you dig yourself a hole and at a point it gets so deep that who and what you've become and what you do don't matter anymore. That was almost worse than the end that you can feel from the beginning. Almost. CKR's acting, reservations on his side or not, is nothing short of superb and I know that's no news to anybody, but I've just had an hour and a half of my heart being broken by his every look, so.
It's a great movie, with great acting(from everyone), but it took me all these years to watch it again for a reason.
And it's 5am again *headdesks* and I should really go to bed.


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