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People!Fandom people!:D We're insane aren't we *l*?After what I said about chat yesterday-it turned out that it was still alive after I went back home in the evening the next day,so I dived back in for another 6 or 7 hours.When I left it was its 44th hour I think and I am curious-how much longer did you few enthusiasts make it?*g* Also-I actually added people to the flist!I had very little time that last year so I almost never added people first,just because I often don't have time to comment.But now it's summer break,so-welcome new friends :))
Heh,I feel like I should be watching things on a small window while typing now *l*.

ETA: Um...also?I mentioned in chat a couple of times that I'd recently stumbled upon HP fics(or ok,I actually felt pretty disappointed with the ending of the last book and wanted something else HP-related...that turned out to be a loong night *lol*) and I've actually become a fan and it's weird cause I didn't expect the quality fics*l*.Anyway,both times word came to that I got the 'HP fandom is scary!' comments %).I've no intention of being a part of it,I'm in for the fic only...but what?Do they fight a lot or what?*l*

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Jul. 9th, 2006 05:51 pm
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It's OVER:))) I actually PASSED and not too bad.
And let me tell you that moving out from the dorm room by myself,right after the exam,which means from about 2pm to 2.30 am and them from 5am to about 7.30am and then running off with a bag that I can get into and there's still be room left -and- a dvd-palyer in the other hand to catch the train is no fun!I'm pretty sure I'll go batshit crazy before the five times I should do that pass.

And then yesterday,I spent about 16 hours,13 of which straight,in the Due South wordwide fandom chat and it was so much fun!!!Time definitely flew by unnoticed while I saw...erm...a loot of things that my still fuzzy from sleep brain is struggling to remember :P Men With Brooms(first time viewed,quite confusing,because of my complete ignorance when it comes to...that...thing....with the sweeping and shouting but very amuzing non the less*l*),MotB,both parts(everyone's favourite,as it seems),North(yay RayV),Dead Guy Running,Ladies' Man(awww Ray:[ ), a big part of S&A 1x04,Asylum and part of The Deal and and about 2/3 of Wilby Wonderful when I almost began to doze off and had to admit defeat and colapse into bed :P and I hope I'm not missing something*l*.I'd surely be up to another round of that,if time allows for it.
Also-I'm glad that apparently I'm not the only one that thinks of Poirot every time Fraser begins one of his grand revealing speeches*g*.
Concentrating on both the movie window and the chat window was pretty disorienting at the beginning,but you get used to it and I enjoyed everyone's comments greatly,laughed a lot and "awww"-ed a lot along with fellow fans and yay!
I'm only very sorry I couldn't attend the HCL watching and that I missed most of the S&A watchings.
Also-note to self-eat before you drink even a bit and maybe next time you'll make it to the end of the film without being additionally sleepy.Hmph.

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