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I finally sent my dss sign up form. Three times. *headdesk*
Yet-I'm participating in something! :P And in the ds c6d big bang, too. Just as an artist, in both(And, huh, am I nervous about those deadlines. Some of you may have noticed my ability to keep up with such things. *cough*none*cough* I'll make it this time though! I hope.), but still. Writing is too scary :P.

My connection is outrageously slow and not at all what we pay for. I told them we shouldn't have renewed this contract.

I'm suddenly feeling very nostalgic over Buffy and my days years spent (mostly lurking) in this fandom for some reason. I hadn't really though of it for ages, haven't read anything but the occasional favourite story in years. There were WIPs that I was following that I don't remember the titles of, or even the plot, favourite authors' names that I can't remember, the knowledge that I've read hundreds of good fics and most of it is all foggy. And I think I want some of it back. So many sites down. That always depresses me a lot, sites that were there forever and then you check on them in a while and "this domain is for sale/404/closed/etc". Even worse than most authors I knew having left the fandom, that had started happening even back then. I guess some of the fics that weren't widely archived are gone forever. And the music videos, I used to collect all the award winning vids from all the big award sites and then some. I really loved those,I'd even started making my own vid and it wasn't even turning out too shabby, but then the comp crashed and I never reinstalled the program. I was watching those clips the other day, maybe that triggered all of this.

Um, I haven't forgotten the zombie vampire kitten, I just messed up the teeth and haven't fixed them still :P
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I know it's just an add, but it's Fraser, talking with Vic, Mac and Li Ann *squee*!:P


Jul. 9th, 2006 05:51 pm
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It's OVER:))) I actually PASSED and not too bad.
And let me tell you that moving out from the dorm room by myself,right after the exam,which means from about 2pm to 2.30 am and them from 5am to about 7.30am and then running off with a bag that I can get into and there's still be room left -and- a dvd-palyer in the other hand to catch the train is no fun!I'm pretty sure I'll go batshit crazy before the five times I should do that pass.

And then yesterday,I spent about 16 hours,13 of which straight,in the Due South wordwide fandom chat and it was so much fun!!!Time definitely flew by unnoticed while I saw...erm...a loot of things that my still fuzzy from sleep brain is struggling to remember :P Men With Brooms(first time viewed,quite confusing,because of my complete ignorance when it comes to...that...thing....with the sweeping and shouting but very amuzing non the less*l*),MotB,both parts(everyone's favourite,as it seems),North(yay RayV),Dead Guy Running,Ladies' Man(awww Ray:[ ), a big part of S&A 1x04,Asylum and part of The Deal and and about 2/3 of Wilby Wonderful when I almost began to doze off and had to admit defeat and colapse into bed :P and I hope I'm not missing something*l*.I'd surely be up to another round of that,if time allows for it.
Also-I'm glad that apparently I'm not the only one that thinks of Poirot every time Fraser begins one of his grand revealing speeches*g*.
Concentrating on both the movie window and the chat window was pretty disorienting at the beginning,but you get used to it and I enjoyed everyone's comments greatly,laughed a lot and "awww"-ed a lot along with fellow fans and yay!
I'm only very sorry I couldn't attend the HCL watching and that I missed most of the S&A watchings.
Also-note to self-eat before you drink even a bit and maybe next time you'll make it to the end of the film without being additionally sleepy.Hmph.

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Asylum caps

Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:25 pm
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I was going to only make a few :[.I barely made myself to cut it down to these.And in the end I realize I missed the not-empty-trousered part?!Gah,sorry,I'm always emotionally exhausted after more than two hours spent capping and uploading :P If someone else wants to-fill out the missing scenes :].

Anyway,that's to ilustrate [livejournal.com profile] secret_garden's post in [livejournal.com profile] ds_recs :).

sorry,there are -a lot- of caps,I couldn't help mysef :] )

ETA:and yeah,that ep has already been capped by stormy,but my brain made a weird logical conclusion that has to do with quality of files.But nevermind.I had a lot of fun doing this :P and now I absolutely have to watch Asylum again soon :)).(hee so that post is really Spam *lol*)

ETA again*g*:I forgot to mention how much I love this ep!
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[livejournal.com profile] stormymouse tagged me a few days ago,but I didn't have time then.Ok,let's see...

1. pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. find pictures and post them
3. give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. list your favorite moment between them
5. tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme
Anyone who wants to-feel tagged.:)

Hmm...I kinda keep the number of tv or movies I obsess over down.Not intentionally exactly,but it is so anyway.So...fiive..I'll try. )

P.S. Just watched the news.Fuck.I'm so sorry for the people in London that are forced to live expecting the next disgusting terrible act.My thoughts and the rest of the world's,I'm ure are with you.


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