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[livejournal.com profile] c_regalis complained of lack of good Buffyverse fic. Now, it's been years since I last read actively in this fandom, but I remember differently. So I hit my old bookmarks folder and tried to remember what made me love the fic back then. I am a bit shocked at how much I've forgotten, but here are some stories and authors that ring a bell for me, still. *gulps* I don't have time to read these to check if I'm not embarassing myself by reccing them. Now, bear in mind I was 16-17 when I read some of these :P But I still believe there were good stories.

In no particular order, or genre, only by pairing: )

...I should think that'd be enough for a start *G*. I got nostalgic here. And it all just started to come back to me, so if you, by any chance don't find anything you like here, I'm sure I can find something else! *is a pimp* Also, there must have been Spike only stories, when I think of any, I'll tell you *eg*

(God, the sheer quantity of fics I read in that fandom is scary *l*)

And remember, judge not, I don't quite remember what I'm talking about here ;))

ETA: Also, also! The Spuffy Awards (and wow, they still exist, yay) are a good place to use for finding good fics, cause, duh, award winners and nominees and nicely split into categories at that.
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I finally sent my dss sign up form. Three times. *headdesk*
Yet-I'm participating in something! :P And in the ds c6d big bang, too. Just as an artist, in both(And, huh, am I nervous about those deadlines. Some of you may have noticed my ability to keep up with such things. *cough*none*cough* I'll make it this time though! I hope.), but still. Writing is too scary :P.

My connection is outrageously slow and not at all what we pay for. I told them we shouldn't have renewed this contract.

I'm suddenly feeling very nostalgic over Buffy and my days years spent (mostly lurking) in this fandom for some reason. I hadn't really though of it for ages, haven't read anything but the occasional favourite story in years. There were WIPs that I was following that I don't remember the titles of, or even the plot, favourite authors' names that I can't remember, the knowledge that I've read hundreds of good fics and most of it is all foggy. And I think I want some of it back. So many sites down. That always depresses me a lot, sites that were there forever and then you check on them in a while and "this domain is for sale/404/closed/etc". Even worse than most authors I knew having left the fandom, that had started happening even back then. I guess some of the fics that weren't widely archived are gone forever. And the music videos, I used to collect all the award winning vids from all the big award sites and then some. I really loved those,I'd even started making my own vid and it wasn't even turning out too shabby, but then the comp crashed and I never reinstalled the program. I was watching those clips the other day, maybe that triggered all of this.

Um, I haven't forgotten the zombie vampire kitten, I just messed up the teeth and haven't fixed them still :P

Vid recs

Jul. 30th, 2006 01:39 am
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I've downloaded a few great music videos lately and I just have to pimp some of them.

These 3 are so amazingly put together that I empathically reccomend you watch them if you have the slightest idea about the show.Even if you don't,you won't be sorry to see them!

Tears And Rain by Charmax (Veronica Mars)-That must be one of the most perfect character study videos ever.Season one Logan.
Video Title:Tears And Rain
Song Title/Artist:Tears And Rain - James Blunt
Show/Character: Veronica Mars - Logan
Summary:This is a Logan character study. Logan is much more vulnerable than he at first appears. This video aims to get behind that brash, arrogant facade. There is very little of Logan/Veronica as this vid focuses much more on his inner demons.
Length/Format: 3.38, (RM, DIVX)

It's Like by dinadrama(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)- If that's not the best Spuffy video out there,it's one of them!It's like I can't breath when I watch it!Seriously hot,but I fully registered that after the first few watchings,because it also creates a sinister feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.The songs fits perfectly and the editing is marvelous.I adore Spike and I'm usually more on his side when it comes to season 6 messiness,but this video makes you gulp.I don't care if you've seen Buffy,download this!;)
Title: It's like...
Song: Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
Characters: Buffy & Spike
Warning: Rated R
Buffy tries to overcome the dangerous addiction she has for Spike.

Feeling Good by Astarte(Veronica Mars)-Much more of a comparison than a shipper vid.Great editing and effects,too.
Title: Muse - Feeling Good
Subject: Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, Character Analysis
Opened: 2005-03-10
Summary: 'Stars when you shine, you know how I feel.' If life hands Logan lemons, he asks for tequila and Veronica could be good company in his misery. These two are kindred souls. The only space between them is time and tough masks are transparent, if your adversary knows how you feel. Veronica knows the pain Logan is going through too well to not care.
21.00 MB RMVB

I actually have more in mind to rec,but I consider these the cherry on the top of the ice cream from what I've seen for a long time and so I'm starting with them.

Heheh and to end on a more cheerful note *g* -if you know about the Buffybot and want to laugh and spill things(Sadly,I think I really may have killed my keyboard with coffee here :/...will have to wait till it's dry to see.Good think I have a few old ones.) go see Living Doll by Andrea!It's not of the rank of those above but still really funny *l*.

ETA WTF I'm getting notifications form days ago!*grumles*

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[livejournal.com profile] stormymouse tagged me a few days ago,but I didn't have time then.Ok,let's see...

1. pick your 5 favorite OTPs (One True Pairs)
2. find pictures and post them
3. give the name of the OTP (One True Pair) and what fandom they're from
4. list your favorite moment between them
5. tag 5 people from your flist to do this meme
Anyone who wants to-feel tagged.:)

Hmm...I kinda keep the number of tv or movies I obsess over down.Not intentionally exactly,but it is so anyway.So...fiive..I'll try. )

P.S. Just watched the news.Fuck.I'm so sorry for the people in London that are forced to live expecting the next disgusting terrible act.My thoughts and the rest of the world's,I'm ure are with you.


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