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And I haven't been able to stay alone for a while and rewatch some ever since and I'm getting really cranky.

Anyway. The miniseries was good. Even great. It had a good plot, a better plot than most of the plots from before. And it was mostly really well executed. I could tell it was quite good and happy endings aren't mandatory in my book, however heartbreaking the lack of said can be (or even however lethal for the series as a whole). And yet something was bothering me. I realized it just now. This didn't feel like Torchwood. I haven't been able to fully accept what's happened as the canon I know it is, because it felt like I was watching a fanfic AU crossover with something else that I wasn't familiar with. And I feel kinda cheated by the fact that what was supposed to be Torchwood s3 had the Torchwood team (or what was left of it to begin with :/) in what felt like less than half of the screen time. Maybe that wouldn't have been quite so bad if that wasn't also the end of Torchwood but it was, and if there is more, I hope they call it by another name, because that one died with the team. You've decided that's the end, fine, that's your right, but you could have given us some time with the characters because of whom we were watching.
And of course Ianto's death. Ok, I knew that wasn't going to be magically erased and tbh, I'm mostly glad it wasn't. As I said, once it happened, anything like that would have just cheapened it. But I remain unconvinced that it was necessary in the first place, the way that it was. It was random, wasn't even really in a fight and served no other purpose that to pile on Jack's angst. And why hadn't most of the people in that building been evacuated when the FREAKING MONSTER ALIEN took residence in it?! Anyway, realism or not, I feel Ianto's death was for shocking value mostly, that and the end of the team. It could have been Gwen dead and it would still have meant the same, death-of-series-wise.
The moment where Jack had to make the decision about his grandson vs all those kids and possibly all of mankind was a strong point. I liked that. In a painful and horrified way. But that's when you kind of knew that Jack Harkness would be gone soon. At least my first thought after that, was that if I were him, I'd want off this planet for a very long time at best. So him going at the very end? I thought that was the logical and human... er... human-with-knowlegde-of-space-travel thing to do. Heartbreaking, yes. I really felt for Gwen, being the last one left behind and with an unspoken "you're not enough" thrown in her face. And for Jack, of course. I do think he'll be back at some point. But given the unlimited time he has, no telling when that'd be.

Hey, btw, I'm not the only one who noticed how they failed to aknowledge the first serious hit there, right? I mean, Jack refuses to kill his brother after all that happened in last season and stuffs him in the fridge, but he gets blown up along with the whole tower and no one mentions it?! Hm.

Gwen didn't cry all of the time, nor tried to flirt with Jack and treated Rhys well. I actually liked her here and I didn't expect that. Thumbs up.

It was a very good, quite realistic for the most part, movie-type miniseries. I liked it, as a separate creation. But I had been told, that this was going to be season three of Torchwood and I was lied to, because that was more like a film that featured Torchwood's characters. While, at the same time, destroying the possibility of there ever being more of the show that we were there for in the first place. I never expected to hope that there won't be a s4. But I do. And if there is, I won't be watching it. I'm sure someone will watch it and probably that makes it ok in the eyes of RTD and company. But pulling that on your loyal fans doesn't feel quite right to me. Then again, I am one of those people that get really into things once they are hooked on something. My mother for example sees nothing wrong with that. *shrugs* But my brain still can't finish processing the new events as legitimate and it's annoying, really.

Date: 2009-07-12 01:17 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] vandulocity.livejournal.com
I still have no coherent thoughts of my own about it (I am still very much in the FUCK YOU, RTD. FUCK YOU phase, and can't bring myself to watch the last episode (even though I wiki'd it and know what happens) because if I don't watch the last one I can make up my own ending :p

But I agree with everything you just said, especially about the fact that whatever they do next someone will watch it, and that makes it OK in RTD's eyes to pull something like this on his fans - which makes me not want to be a fan anymore. There are ways to end something and re-build it that don't involve destroying the thing you built that people love.

Needless to say, as good as the mini-series was, it was not real. Go denial brigade!

Date: 2009-07-23 02:52 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] nyn17.livejournal.com
Needless to say, as good as the mini-series was, it was not real. Go denial brigade!
*waves pom-poms* Go! Go!
No, really. I finally have a date with one of those small bottles of tequilla or maybe rum or gin *l* and selected pieces of Torchwood eps tonight and as I have been rewatching s1 and started with s2 I think I'll manage to get my delayed catharsis, but I am most definitely in denial that s3 really happened. And I think it'll stay that way. That's a first. I've been in mourning over tv shows (omg hardly ate for at least a week after Buffy's last ep), but never genuine denial and such prolongued shock *shakes head*.


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