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I just saw 1 through 4 and 5 is taking forever to download, so no coherent thoughts really, but... I still haven't processed it, because I know that my reaction is OMFG WTF NO!!! but I haven't quite felt it yet. I need my sister to go to sleep so I can rewatch it and cry in peace. I mean, as a whole, it's been great, the plot is tight, I don't hate Gwen at all this season (o.O), Rhys is there, I'm not sure yet about Lois, but I don't think I dislike her in any case, Jack and Ianto, albeit less physical than I'd have liked, were great and then...*wibble*. Not that it was done badly. I suspect that after another watching Ianto's death will hit me and I'll hate it and it'll still have been a great season and i will like it as a whole. But honestly, we had our proof that they are (all but Jack) mortal last season and we got it alright? There was no need to drive this point home again quite so soon, thank you very much. Because I'm assuming they are planning on a 4th season, but as much as I love Jack, I'm not sure I'll be watching the show for him and Gwen. I can't think of a scenario for Jack without Ianto that I'll want to see. Not even Well, ok maybe if they brought John back as a regular, which they won't and even then probably not :P. And I don't want to not watch it. I'm not a huge fan of pulling rabits out of hats in season finals, as I feel it cheapens things somewhat, but I won't mind a miracle in the next ep, I'm telling you. (Spoil me and die, btw.) It's highly doubtful though, I know. *sigh* Download, damn it!

In any case, that header stays for a while longer.

Er, I also went to visit my ex-roommate in Pleven for a few days and it was great, I returned today, but that's all being pushed to the back of my mind right now.


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