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I am growing old!! :[ When I was in highschool 6 hours of sleep used to be absolutely enough, and I often got by on 4 or even 3 without problems. Now I swear, I cannot peel myself from the bed if it's been less than 8 hours and I don't have to go to an exam or something like that! I keep trying and then fall asleep again. And even after those 8 hours I still feel so tired and can't properly wake up. Old, I'm telling you and tired and bitter :P.

So in an attempt to stall being awake I took photos of two of my latest drawings, both of which are proof that my inspiration's out of the window. One day I'll buy a scanner. The camera distorts proportions and it really bugs me.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Started this months before I finally decided I'd try to finish it. Unfortunate attempt at big shadows :P

A forlorn punk that was at first supposed to be Joe Dick, but then morphed into someone else. Or maybe a young Joe. idk

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I stopped really trying to make him look like the reference after the first 20 minutes *shrug*. He wasn't actually supposed to be forlorn, either... Drawn right after my winter exams, so I guess my own mood seeped through :P. I thought I'd experiment with the brown/red ceramic pensil because I like the colour, not sure I should have though.

So yeah, I've been feeling largely uninspired for months.
And wtf my pensils won't get properly erased anymore...even the ones that did before.
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